Air rifles and CO2 rifles 

In this category you will find compressed air, CO2 and PCP rifles suitable for amateurs or more experienced. Models under 20 joules are available over the counter for those over 18 years old, those above that require specific authorizations.

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The pellet rifle is a long gun for recreational shooting. It uses 4.5 or 5.5 mm diameter seals. More accurate and powerful than handguns, it can be used without a shooting licence when its power is less than 20 joules. Our range of rifles is available in three types of models: compressed air rifles, CO2 rifles and PCP rifles. Most of them can be equipped with accessories such as a firing scope, a red dot sight, a bipod...

Compressed air rifles are the best known and most widespread. The weapon system provides them with the same power between each shot, making them more accurate. However, their use requires recharging between each shot.

CO2 rifles, on the other hand, prevent reloading between shots. Ideal for making several shots in a row, they provide a real pleasure of use although their firing power decreases as the CO2 cartridge is emptied. The accuracy observed on the last ones tends to decrease. PCP rifles are the most powerful. They work in the same way as CO2 except that there is no need to use a cylinder. The air is pre-compressed by the user using a hand pump, compressor or scuba tank and stored in a chamber under the barrel. 

The pellet rifle, 20 joules maximum, is available over the counter

In France, the legislation on pellet guns allows people over 18 years of age to buy a gun less than 20 joules with a simple presentation of their identity card.

We offer rifles ranging from 7.5 to 40 joules. The entry-level models present little risk and are mainly intended for children. They allow you to shoot up to 10 meters. 

The powerful pellet rifle offers better shooting accuracy

The power of the weapon is defined in joules. The more powerful the rifle, the more accurate the shot and the greater the projection distance.

Rifles over 20 joules allow you to reach targets at more than 50 meters and are appreciated by good shooters. Well equipped, they can also be used by hunters to maintain their shooting accuracy during closed seasons.

The cheap pellet rifle is ideal for novices

Beginners will prefer a cheap rifle and will find it easier to switch to a compressed air model. They will then be able to improve by increasing the power of their rifle or by moving towards a CO2 rifle.

The consumables to be used to shoot with compressed air are the seals and targets. To train with CO2, you will also need the CO2 sparcles that we ship within 24 hours.

We offer a wide variety of consumables at the best price: ammunition, cardboard targets, carboys... Other accessories such as sight glasses, scopes and cleaning kits can help you improve your level and/or be the subject of a gift.