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In this category you will find compressed air, CO2 and PCP rifles suitable for amateurs or more experienced. Models under 20 joules are available over the counter for those over 18 years old, those above that require specific authorizations.

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Frequently asked questions about the pellet rifle

Which pellet rifle to choose ?

The pellet rifle is a long gun intended for recreational shooting. It uses pellets of 4.5 or 5.5 mm in diameter. More accurate and powerful than handguns, it can be used without a shooting licence when its power is less than 20 joules. Our range of rifles comes in three types of models: air rifles, CO2 rifles and PCP rifles. Most of them can be equipped with accessories such as a scope, a red dot sight, a bipod...

The air rifle : the best known

This is the most common model. The cocking system gives it the same power between shots, which makes the rifle more accurate. However, it requires reloading between shots.

The CO2 rifle : the automatic

The CO2 pellet rifle avoids reloading between shots. Ideal for making several shots in a row, it is a real pleasure to use, although its shooting power decreases as the CO2 cartridge is emptied. The accuracy observed on the last shots tends to decrease.

The PCP rifle : the most powerful

The PCP rifle works in the same way as the CO2 rifle except that there is no need to use a cylinder. The air is pre-compressed by the user using a hand pump, compressor or scuba tank. It is stored in a chamber under the barrel.

What does the legislation say about pellet rifles ?

In France, the legislation on pellet rifles allows people over 18 to buy a rifle of less than 20 joules by simply presenting their identity card.

We offer rifles from 7.5 to 45 joules. The entry-level models are low-risk and are mainly intended for children and teenagers. They can be fired up to 10 metres.

As soon as the power of a rifle exceeds 20 joules, it moves from category D to category C. The more powerful rifles require training to be handled safely and to avoid personal injury. To buy them, you will need to show proof of address and a hunting licence or a shooting licence.

What are the advantages of a powerful rifle ?

The power of the weapon is defined in joules. The more powerful the pellet rifle, the more accurate the shot and the greater the throw distance.

Pellet rifles of 20 joules and above allow you to hit targets at more than 50 metres and are appreciated by good shooters. If properly equipped, they can also be used by hunters to maintain their shooting accuracy during closed seasons.

In some countries, there are rifles of 300 joules and more. These models can be dangerous if used by unqualified people. For this reason, in France, you can find some rifles with a maximum of 100 joules, and on the gun shop, 45 joules maximum.

Who is the cheap rifle for?

Beginners will prefer a cheap pellet rifle and will be more likely to opt for an air rifle. They can then improve by increasing the power of their rifle or by switching to a CO2 model.

At the online gun shop, we offer low-priced rifles starting at around 50 euros. We regularly apply discounts to the available models. They can be accessed directly via the category Discount pellet rifles.

What brands are available ?

The manufacturers Gamo and Crosman are the most represented with about thirty models each. Whether you buy a single pellet rifle or a set with other accessories, there is something for everyone! The models of these two brands are intended for all types of shooters: beginners, enthusiasts, experts or sportsmen.

Other manufacturers such as Umarex, Stoeger and Artemis are also available.

What is the composition of the packs ?

Most packs are called ready-to-fire since they contain everything needed to use the weapon in good conditions. They consist of at least the rifle, ammunition and targets. There are also packs that contain only the rifle and the appropriate scope. In this case, it is up to you to buy the appropriate ammunition.

We offer about 50 packs per year. Additional packs are available for Christmas.

What sizes are available ?

The vast majority of rifles have a calibre of 4.5 millimetres. This corresponds to the diameter of the barrel and the ammunition. The 5.5 mm calibre is mainly used in England. Being slightly larger, the range is slightly greater.

What are the features of the Black Ops model?

The Black Ops rifle is inspired by the seventh installment of the Call of Duty video game. Taking the form of a tactical pellet sniper and design, it operates on compressed air and 4.5 millimetre diabolos. It features a polymer stock, Nitro Piston technology and three Picatiny rails. The rifle comes with a scope, silencer, bipod, pellets and targets.

Are used pellet rifles available ?

The models sold in the gun shop are new. We do not offer second-hand guns or other items. Second hand rifles can be dangerous if they are badly reconditioned. We do not take any risks and ensure the safety of our customers.

What accessories should I buy to shoot well ?

The consumables you need for shooting with compressed air are pellets and targets. To train with CO2, you will also need CO2 sparclettes, which we ship within 24 hours.

We offer a wide variety of consumables at the best price: ammunition, cardboard targets, carboys... Other accessories such as scopes, scabbards and cleaning kits can help you improve your level and/or be the subject of a gift.

How to take care of it ?

To take care of the pellet rifle and keep it for as long as possible, it is advisable to pay attention to cleaning, transport and storage.


Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that it functions properly. Yes, dirt quickly seeps in and clogs up the various parts. The more the weapon is used outdoors, the faster it gets dirty. The cleaning of the barrel allows to keep the accuracy when shooting.

Various accessories are available to make the rifle as clean as on the first day: traditional cleaning kit, maintenance oil, cold tanning bottle...


To prevent the rifle from being damaged (scratches on the stock, scratches on the steel, etc.) too quickly, it is advisable to carry it in a protective case or a suitable case.

Padded, they allow to attenuate the shocks. Sober, they are ideal for moving the pellet rifle discreetly. Of course, the ammunition should be stored separately.


Rust, caused by moisture, can be avoided if the rifle is stored in a dry place. Moisture can deteriorate the aesthetics of the rifle and the quality of its fittings.

For added security, it can also be stored in a cabinet or safe. It can be locked to prevent incidents.

Can you hunt with a pellet rifle ?

It is not advisable to hunt with a pellet rifle designed for leisure activities. There are category C rifles specially designed for this activity. The type of weapon is chosen according to the type of hunting and the game. For example: stalking / bolt-action rifle - pest hunting / rifle capable of shooting over long distances - big game hunting / express rifle.

In all cases, the category C rifle must be declared to the prefecture and the user must hold a shooting licence or a hunting permit to obtain it. We do not offer this type of weapon.