General terms of sale

The purpose of these General Conditions of Sale is to govern the contractual relations between the company "VAD System", SARL 10000€ capital, located 530 Boulevard du Parc, 62231 Coquelles - France (office not open to public); SIRET 519 230 585 000 27, whose commercial brand is "Jean Pierre FUSIL armurier", postal address VAD System - BP 43 - 62101 Calais Cedex- France (RCS 519 230 585), and the customer defined as the user of the website


The prices of our products are given in Euros, all taxes included (French VAT : 20%),out of processing and transport charges.

Jean Pierre Fusil Armory makes deliveries in some countries of the European Community and french overseas departments.

For all orders that have to be delivered out of France, the customer is the importer, and has to take care and settle all laws, taxes and fees that could be dued in the destination country. Those taxes and duties are not the responsibility of the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL. The buyer is responsible of all the declaration and payment of those to the authorities and competent bodies of its country.
We advise our customers to inquire about those aspects before ordering.

Overseas departments (DOM) orders will automatically be billed out of VAT (duties will have to be paid at the arrival).

All orders, whatever its origin is, have to be paid in Euros (€).

The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL reserve the right to change its prices at any moment, but the products will be billed at the prices in force at the registration of the order (subject to the availability of the items).

Port prices change according to the product (s) ordered, their weight and volume, the transporter and the delivery place. The exact price will be reported when placing the order.

The items remain the property of the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL until the complete payment.


On Internet :

Contractual information are presented in french or english, and are subject to a confirmation, with all the information by the delivery at the latest.

Information entered by the customer when placing its order commit him/her : if an error in the name and address of the recipient, the seller can not be held responsible of the failure to deliver the order.

Orders deliverable by plane (DOM) ar subject to the rules of the " Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile" with regard to goods tranport.


Items offered ont the website are subjected to the french law on weapons.

Weapons and materials of C and D category can be delivered in France, Corse, Monaco and DOM, with required documents (if necessary).

For all other countries, only the category D items can be delivered (any category C).

Once the order placed, the customer has to provide a justification of its age (over 18 years old), and any document required by the french law : valid shooting license (with the doctor's stamp) or hunting permit with its annual validation.


Checking the box  "I agree to the terms of service" and proceeding to checkout, the customer accepts the whole general terms of sales here presented, without any reservation.

The datas recorded by the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL are proof of all the transaction between the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL and the customer.

The datas registered by Cyberplus Paiement are proof of the financial transation.


All the products offers are on sale within the limits of available stocks. For the products we don't stock ourselves, our offers are valid within the limits of availability of our provider's.

Information about the availability of the items are given to the customer when placing his/her order. Stock information are indicative and regularly updated.

For the products on back order (orange icon "réappro"), the estimated delivery date will be notified afer inquiring the provider. The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL won't be responsible of a longer delay due to a failure of the provider's engagement.

The products "out of stock" (red icon) can't be ordered, because of a long estimated delivery date.

In the event of unavailability of a product, we'll inform the customer by e-mail or phone as soon as possible. He/she will be proposed to exchange or cancel the item or the order.


The orders are delivered by the carrier at the delivery address indicated by the customer while placing the order.

The parcels are delivered against signature.

The delivery times given are average times, including the treatment, the preparation and the delivery of the order (business days). The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL won't be responsible of the delays due to the transporters.

Delivery times of the carriers are indicative and can't be considered as a formal commitment.

In the event of an unusual delay or items deliverable at different times becuase of their unavailability, the customer will be warned by email or phone.

The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL reserve the right to split the deliveries, but the treatment and delivery charges will be billed for only one delivery.

The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL also reserve the right to send the parcels with a carrier with an upper delivery than the one chosen, at no extra cost.

For deliveries by plane, weapons can't be transported anymore The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL won't accept any orders containting pistols, revolvers, rifles, crossbows... or any other weapon
Regarding the aerial safety rules, the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL won't be able to send by air (for DOM):
- weapons
- pressurized items (such as CO2, sprays..)
- explosives (powder, blank or gas ammos, 22LR ammos...)


The payment methods are :

- credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
- international transfer
- cheque (France only), for 300€ maximum.

For transfer payment, charges are paid by the customer.

En cas de commande par virement bancaire, les frais sont à la charge du client.

In the absence of payment within 2 weeks, for orders placed with cheque or transfer, the order will be cancelled, except if agreement of the customer service.

To confirm definitely the order, the customer will send a copy of its ID (as proof of age) as soon as the order is placed.

Transaction placed on are secured with the payment system of the "Banque Populaire", Cyberplus Paiement.
When the customer enters its bank account information, he/she is directly in connection with the server of the Banque Populaire.
The armory Jean Pierre FUSILdoesn't know the numbers of the credit card, that is not stored on its server.
All information exchanged with the Banque Pouplaire are encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol, and can't be intercepted or modified.
With Cyberplus Paiement, the customer is guaranteed that the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL is referenced at the Banque Populaire, to cash online transaction

At the end of the payement, before returning on the website, Cyberplus Paiement gives the customer a electronic ticket, with all the details of the payement, and the result of the bank authorization (accepted or refused).

For further information the customer can refer to :



Applying the consumer code, the customer has a 14 days period , starting the delivery day, to send the item (s) back to the seller, for an exchange or a refund.
Delivery and return charges remain to the customer. Only the amount of the product (s) will be refund.
In case of unjustified return, the seller can ask a 15€ pass, as a compensation for the charges paid.

Returns can be sent to  VAD System - BP 43 - 62101 Calais Cedex- France after prior agreement with the seller (phone or email).
A return code will be assigned, and will have to be visibly affixed on the parcel.

The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL commit to refud or exchange the items that are not in accordance with the order (defectious or non compliant). The customer has to mentioned the problem and send the item (s) back to the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL, who will exchange or refund it/them.
Refund will be made in a maximum period of 15 days after reception of the return. The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL will refund he customer by the same way he/she paid its order.


For any question or information, the customer service is available at the folowing address :



Every text, comment, publication, illustration and image reproduced on the website are reserved in respect of the copyright and intellectual property, all over the world.

In accordance to the intellectual property code, an olny private use is authorized (ecxept more restrictive disposition of this code).
Any other use constitutes counterfeiting and can be punished in respect of the Intellectual Property (except prior authorization of the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL


All items offered are consistent with the french legislation in effect.

The responsibility of the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL can't be engaged in case of non-respect of the law of the delivery country and problems with Poice or Customs.
It belongs to the cusomer to check with its local and national authorities the opportunity to import or use the items he/she wants to order.

Photographs and texts showing the products are not contractual. The responibility of the armory Jean Pierre FUSIL could not be engaged in case of any mistake in a text or photo.

The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL can't be held responsible for any failure of the contract in case of backorder or unavailability of an item, of force majeure, flood or fire, of perturbation or strike of the postal services or transport / communication means.

The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL can't be held responsible for any indirect damages or fees, operating, profit or chance loss

Hyperlinks can send towards other pages or sites than the website . The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL disclaims any liability if the content of these websites contravene to the legislation or regulation in effect.



The present contract is subjet to the french law. The language of this contract is French.

For any litigation, the only french courts relevant are :

- Tribunal de Commerce de Boulogne-sur-Mer pour les affaires commerciales entre entreprises.
- Tribunal d'Instance de Calais ou Tribunal de Grande Instance de Boulogne-sur-Mer pour les litiges commerciaux avec les particuliers.



In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" of the 6th January 1978, the website is registerd to the C.N.I.L. (décl. N°801368)

The armory Jean Pierre FUSIL commit not to release any information the customer provide, to any third party. These information are considered as confidential, and only used by internal services for the tretmet of the order.

In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" of the 6th January 1978, the customer has the right to acess, rectify or oppose to all his/her personal information, sending a letter to VAD System - BP 43 - 62101 Calais Cedex- France, indicaing your name and address, and justifying your identity.

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