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In this category you will find air and CO2 pistols and revolvers suitable for amateurs or the more experienced. As these models are less than 20 joules, they are available for sale over the age of 18.

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Frequently asked questions about the pellet gun

How does the air gun work ?

The air gun is a single-shot weapon that uses a piston or spring trigger to propel the ammunition. It must therefore be reloaded before each shot. To do this, the barrel must be bent to compress the air in the chamber and thus release the lead.

How do the CO2 pistol and revolver work ?

Unlike the air pistol, these two weapons are semi-automatic (or even full-automatic). They do not use a piston or spring to propel the pellet, but a CO2 capsule that is inserted directly into the barrel. Thanks to this system, the guns can fire several shots in a row without reloading, and for some, in bursts (full-auto mode) until the magazine or the cylinder is empty. When the CO2 cylinder runs out, it is simply replaced.

What does the legislation say about the pellet gun ?

In France, the pellet gun has a power of less than 20 joules. It is therefore freely available for sale to people of legal age. All that is required is to present one's identity card when purchasing.

The legislation is the same for all category D weapons (pellet rifle, pellet revolver, etc.). They are sold freely up to 20 joules. Beyond that, various documents must be provided to obtain them (shooting licence or hunting permit).

What type of lead for my gun ?

The pellet gun is generally available in two calibres: 4.5 or 5.5 millimetres. The ammunition used for loading must therefore have the same diameter. Depending on the model, the pistol can be loaded with round steel pellets (= BB pellets) or with diabolo pellets.

Diabolos are the most common type of ammunition. They are shaped like an hourglass and resemble the diabolo used in juggling. The upper part of diabolo pellets is called the head and the lower part is called the skirt. There are several variations of the head, which can be pointed, hollowed, flat, rounded, etc. Each variety has a specific use: hollowed head for maximum kinetic energy, round head for greater depth of penetration, etc. Always thin and flared, the skirt is made of a deformable and flexible material. It is pressed against the walls of the barrel and ensures that the gun is watertight when fired.

What is the most powerful pellet gun ?

At the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop, the most powerful model is the Umarex RP5 CO2 pistol. It has a power of 11 joules and a calibre of 5.5 millimetres. Although it is semi-automatic with a 5-shot magazine, it can be used as a single-shot pistol (like an air pistol).