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For your shooting sessions, you will find here the targets and target holders you need! Offered in a multitude of models, the targets for shooting practice are chosen according to the weapon used and the activity carried out. Cardboard targets for sporting shooting with shotguns and metal targets for leisure shooting. More original, the metal models can rotate and turn over. Sometimes embellished with decoration, they can also be made up of several targets. Used for leisure shooting, the "Flip Target" model is intended for shooters who like challenges. With each successful shot, the target tilts and flips back on its tripod to increase the distance and difficulty of the shot.

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How to choose a shooting target ?

The target will be different depending on
- the weapon: small if you shoot with a pellet rifle / larger if you shoot with a pellet gun.
- the objective: classic target for traditional training / evolving, pivoting or rotating target to work on a precise objective (e.g. precision, speed...) / original shape for fun training.
- the use: cardboard -> single use - traditional training / metal -> reusable, economical and therefore ecological.

What is plinking ?

Plinking is a fun way to practice recreational shooting. The targets used are non-standard / salvaged right and left: soda bottles, cans, road signs, cups... Plinking is generally practiced in a garden or any other safe outdoor area.