Soft Air ammunitions 

The tanks are essential to operate a CO2 weapon. They are compatible with most replicas: pistols, revolvers, rifles... Also called sparklers or cartridges, CO2 cylinders are suitable for sport and leisure shooting. They are available individually or in batches of 5, 20 or 50.

Gas weapons must be reloaded with a specific gas, which you can also find in the form of a cylinder.

Marbles are necessary for the operation of soft air weapons. They are used to reload weapons and to hit opponents during a game. There are several models of marbles. Marker marbles are ideal for finding out if an enemy has been hit. Biodegradable marbles deteriorate much faster than those made of aluminum or plastic. Aluminum balls are heavier than traditional balls. In case of strong wind their trajectory remains more stable and does not deviate.

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