The crossbows in our  online archery shop are mainly intended for recreational shooting. They are classified as category D weapons and are therefore freely available to adults. Our models are suitable for beginners and experienced shooters. They are suitable for precision shooting over long distances.

In our collection you will find crossbows and crossbow pistols. The difference between the two is that the former are equipped with a rifle grip and the latter with a pistol grip. In all cases, our models are supplied with a minimum of two lines and can therefore be used immediately upon receipt.

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Crossbow FAQ

Anecdotes about this draft weapon

Derived from the Latin "arcuballista", the crossbow was used in the Middle Ages for hunting and war. Although it was considered a disloyal weapon because it killed at a distance, it did not allow the opponent to defend himself. It was therefore anathematised and its use was banned in 1139.

One of the most famous victims of this weapon was Richard the Lionheart, who died of a wound inflicted by a crossbow bolt in 1199. It is also the weapon with which William Tell cut an apple on his son's head.

Crossbow power

The power of the crossbow is generally between 80 and 200 pounds, and is based on the weapon's ability to transfer energy to the arrow.

Smaller 50-pound models are ideal for target practice. The 150 and 180 pound models are suitable for sport shooting. The 200-pound crossbows can propel the arrow up to 103 m/s.

Stronger shooters will easily hand cock a 150-pound model using the sling bar. For less strong shooters, it is recommended to use a stringing aid. It is practical and can reduce the draw weight by 50%.

Nibs and arrows

As important as archery, arrows need to be the right length and the points accurate and efficient. Arrows are usually made of composite, carbon or aluminium and have mechanical and fixed points. For the same weight, fixed and mechanical tips have different characteristics during flight. For the sake of speed, it is advisable to use mechanical tips.

Differences between crossbow and archery

The crossbow uses the same launching device as the bow: an elastic string that is mounted on a frame, manipulated by hand and forms an arc when tensioned.

To draw and aim, the archer must hold the string back with his fingers, while the crossbowman is assisted by a locking mechanism that keeps the string in tension. After aiming at the target, the archer simply pulls a trigger to release the string and fire.

Another difference is that archery is an Olympic discipline. It first appeared in 1900 at the Paris Olympics / Since then, crossbow shooting has not been represented.

Uses of the crossbow

Today, the crossbow is suitable for leisure, target shooting, competition, hunting and, recently, for survival. For sport shooting, a match or field crossbow should be used.

The match is the heir to the traditional model developed in the Middle Ages. Shooting is done indoors / at 10 metres in standing position and 30 in sitting position. The field is closer to the spirit of archery. Shooting is done outdoors / at distances of 35, 50 and 65 metres.

At the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop, we only offer models for leisure.


The crossbow is a dangerous weapon that can injure and kill. Even if it is free to acquire and possess, several rules must be followed to avoid accidents. First of all, it is strongly advised to be trained in a shooting club to use it correctly. Concerning the legislation, it is forbidden to carry and transport the crossbow unless it is unusable: unloaded, dismantled parts... At home, it must be stored in a secure place / inaccessible to children.