Rubber bullets guns 

Rubber bullet weapons come in several types of products subject to different legislation. The best known is the rubber bump rubber which fires small bullets or rubber buckshot. It takes the form of a pistol or revolver with a relatively simple appearance. Gum bumping is a powerful weapon that belongs to the C3 category. It is therefore subject to declaration. Its acquisition requires the sending of several supporting documents. The pistol and the rubber bullet CO2 rifle are more versatile. Depending on the model, they also project d blank cartridges for training or deterrence; pepper spray cartridges to irritate the assailant; chalk or paint cartridges to mark the assailant. With each shot, they emit a very impressive noise, close to a real firearm. In addition to the specific cartridges, they must be equipped with a CO2 cylinder in order to be used. Being less powerful than the gum bump gun, CO2 models are available over the counter for adults. The flash ball shoots larger diameter rubber bullets at a speed of up to 80 m/s. Used by law enforcement agencies during demonstrations, the flash ball gun is subject to declaration. Unlike other rubber bullet models, it does not look like a conventional weapon.

These weapons cannot be sold outside of France. 

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