At Jean Pierre Fusil we deliver in France, twelve other countries, in the DOM, TOM and COM. Discover them below !




Colissimo home or collecting point / Transport Express home

Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium,

Denmark, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg,

Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden

Colissimo home (against signature)

Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte,

Réunion, Saint-Barthélémy, Saint-Martin,


Colissimo home (against signature)

Careful : Aerial transport only => no weapons, pressured recipient or explosive can be sent to those destination


Jean Pierre Fusil will ship your order within 24 hours once the payment is confirmed (except if the product is currently out of stock but ordered from our supplier). You will receive an e-mail to confirm the shipment of your product once it will be supported by our carrier.

La Poste and Transport Express ensure all our deliveries. A tracking number will be sent to you, to check the delivery progress. Packages are always delivered against signature.

The shipping charges include packaging, handling, insurance and postage fees. They can also include a fixed part and a variable part of the price or weight of your order. If you want to buy many products on the website of Jean-Pierre Fusil, we advise you to group all of them into a single order.

If you want to add more information to facilitate the delivery, (intercom code, person to deliver to if you are not present, additional information...) please give us all of this information before the end of your online order (during the validation phase).

Delivery charges

Three possibilities for a shipment to a French address (metropolitan France). Two for an address in Corsica.



Colissimo collecting point :

post office, Pickup relays and Pickup Station lockers

14,52 € TTC

Colissimo home (against signature)

15,23 € TTC

Transport Express home (against signature) :

Not available for Corsica

16,13 € TTC

One possibility for the other 12 countries.



Colissimo home (against signature)

20,30 € TTC

Also a possibility for the DOM, TOM and COM, but at a different rate.



Colissimo home (against signature)

19,25 € TTC

The packages preparation

Your order is carefully packed in solid and durable cardboard. Packages are always oversized and protected. To avoid any damage, all the products are wrapped separately.

Packages are always neutral: nothing can show their contents.

The packaging of a pellet riffle

emballage carabine a plomb avant livraison

emballage carabine a plomb avant livraison

emballage carabine a plomb avant livraison

carabine a plomb emballee

The packaging of two boxes of ammunition


emballage munition

emballage cartouche

The workshop where we prepare the orders


atelier jean pierre fusil

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