Air rifle 

The air rifle is a recreational weapon classified in category D or C. Monocoup, it must be armed and reloaded before each shot. Unlike the CO2 or PCP rifle, it cannot fire in bursts. The pellet rifle is available over the counter up to 20 joules. Above this power, it is necessary to present various proofs to obtain it.

Buying an air rifle

The Jean Pierre Fusil gunsmith's shop offers a hundred models for novices and experienced gunsmiths. The most popular brands are available : Gamo, Umarex, Crosman... Make your choice: individually or in a ready-to-fire pack.

There are 74 products.

What brands are available in the gun shop ?

Gamo is the most represented manufacturer with about thirty models on the online gun shop. Single air rifle, with scope or other accessories, there is a choice! The Gamo brand models are intended for all types of shooters: amateur, enthusiast, sportsman. In the same range, you will also find about twenty models of the Crosman brand. 

Other manufacturers such as Browning, Umarex, Ruger or Remington are also available.

What are the characteristics of the 40 Joule air rifle ?

The 40 Joule rifle is extremely powerful. For this reason, it is classified as a category C rifle. You must therefore present proof of address and a valid shooting licence or hunting permit in order to purchase it. Please note: being more powerful than a conventional rifle, the recoil is greater with each shot.

Several 40 Joule models are available. However, they cannot be sold outside France.

What is the most powerful air rifle ?

The Gamo Replay Magnum IGT 10X Gen2 is one of the most powerful rifles available on the site. 45 Joules on the meter / IGT propulsion, sound dampening, ultra-resistant stock... are its other features !

Other models such as the Gamo G-Magnum 1250 or the Grizzly 1250 have a power output of between 36 and 45 Joules.

What are the characteristics of the 5.5 air rifle ?

This number means that the calibre of the weapon and the ammunition used to reload it is 5.5 millimetres in diameter. This calibre is much more used in England than in France and is characteristic of high-powered rifles (over 20 Joules). The 5.5 millimetre pellets combine precision and velocity. They allow sharp shots to be fired at targets more than 50 metres away.

What is the price of a cheap air rifle ?

The low-cost air rifle is ideal for discovering the activity. It is available from about 50 euros. It is intended for teenagers or adults who want to have fun or see if they are attracted to shooting. The cheap rifle develops a maximum power of 10 Joules and is therefore harmless. It is used in a safe place such as a shooting club or an enclosed garden.

Why choose the air rifle pack ?

The pack includes a rifle and other accessories. Ready to use, it is ideal for a gift, to treat yourself or to save some money. Available all year round, it is available in different models for Christmas.

Aimed at beginners or more experienced shooters, Christmas packs are usually available from November onwards. They often include a firearm, ammunition, targets and other accessories (storage or optics). So you can get a head start on your presents! Shipped within 48 hours maximum, they always arrive in time for the day. 

Which air rifle to choose for competition ?

The competition rifle is a more specific model. It is usually equipped with an ergonomic stock, a cheek rest, a pressure gauge and adapted sights. It can be used for rifle shooting (fixed target - moving target / different distances / different positions) and biathlon.

This type of weapon is not available in the armoury.

What are the advantages of a fixed barrel air rifle ?

There is only one significant advantage: accuracy. The fixed-barrel system ensures greater accuracy when shooting over long distances.

What other types of pellet rifles are there ?

Other rifles use CO2 or pre-compressed air. Unlike compressed air models, they allow for a burst of fire, without the need to re-cock between shots. CO2 rifles must be fitted with a CO2 cylinder that is placed in the stock or magazine. When it is empty, it must be changed. PCP rifles are loaded with pre-compressed air which is stored in a chamber under the barrel. The chamber is filled with a hand pump, a high-pressure compressor or even a scuba tank.

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