Air rifle 

The armory Jean Pierre Fusil, specialist in the sale of rifle offers a wide selection of the best rifles. Discover compressed air rifles with air compression by breaking the barrel, lever or pump but also the CO2 rifles operating with CO2 gas capsules and soon the PCP lead rifles which are a compromise between the rifles classic and CO2 rifles since there is a pump load but that allows to shoot several times like CO2 rifles. Cheap rifle, powerful rifle, a complete offer for recreational shooting enthusiasts but also for the competition, jump on the occasion! Use our filter to refine your search by 4.5 or 5.5mm gauge or by power, useful if you want to see directly models of rifle only 20 joules for example! (Power beyond which a firing license is required).

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Rifle manufacturers 

The Jean Pierre Fusil online armoury offers several brands of lead shotguns. Founded more than 60 years ago, the manufacturer Gamo is very present on the site. Designing ever more innovative products, he collaborates with more than 90 countries around the world. Seeking to satisfy all shooters, it combines technology, safety and quality. Jean Pierre Fusil has about forty Gamo models. Also well represented on the site, the American brand Crosman was created in 1923. Crosman designs and manufactures various products for leisure shooting (crossbow, airsoft pistol, bow...). Like Gamo, the Crosman brand is considered one of the leaders in the compressed air weapons industry. Other manufacturers such as Browning, Umarex, Ruger or Remington are also available in this range.

The pellet gun pack 

Clever, the pack includes a rifle and other accessories. Ready to use, it is ideal for making a gift, enjoying yourself or saving money. Available all year round, it is available in different models for Christmas. Aimed at beginners or the most experienced, Christmas packs are generally available from November onwards. They often collect firearms, ammunition, targets and other accessories (storage or optics). Enough to get ahead of time for your gifts! Shipped within 48 hours maximum, they always arrive in time for the day-day. 

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