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Jean Pierre Fusil presents his very first model of PCP rifle. Offering the same power as the air rifle, the PCP model allows you to shoot continuously without the need to reload each time. To satisfy all shooters, new pre-compressed air models will soon be available!

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For experienced shooters, the PCP rifle is powered by air that has been previously compressed. Storing itself in a cylinder located under the barrel, the air is very easily renewed with a hand pump. Offered at a reduced price, our first model is delivered with four equipment. Practical, you can use it as soon as you receive your order. 

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Frequently asked questions about the PCP rifle

The definition of PCP

PCP stands for pre-charged pneumatic, or pre-compressed air in French.

It was in the early 1950s that the American brand Crosman designed the first rifle of this type. At the time, this operating system was very innovative, but difficult to recharge. It was not until the 1990s that the British manufacturer Air Arms proposed a system that was easier to use: a manual pump to recharge the pre-compressed air storage cylinder.

PCP pellet rifle legislation

As with any pellet rifle, the PCP model is freely available up to 20 joules. Above this power, it goes from category D to category C and requires the presentation of several documents to be purchased: proof of residence of less than 3 months / hunting licence or shooting licence.

Indeed, a weapon of more than 20 joules is dangerous for inexperienced people. To date, you will find PCP rifles between 19.9 and 40 joules at the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop.

The advantages of the pre-compressed air rifle

- The PCP rifle is semi-automatic. Unlike the air rifle, it does not need to be re-cocked between shots. It is possible to shoot in bursts until the magazine is empty / then the pre-compressed air tank. On average, one magazine holds 8, 10 or 12 pellets / one tank allows 80 shots.

- Also, unlike the CO2 pellet rifle, it does not need a CO2 tank to operate. Simply recharge the storage chamber with pre-compressed air from a hand pump, high-pressure compressor or scuba tank. With the first two, you don't need to spend extra money afterwards. Unlike the cylinders and bottle that you have to buy again when they are empty.

- Generally more powerful than the others, the PCP allows you to make precise shots over long distances. For example, a 30-40 joule model will be able to dispatch rounds from 50 to over 100 metres. The PCP model also maintains its good performance over time.

- PCP propulsion greatly reduces the noise and vibration associated with the start of the shot.

- Most models have a tactical and very realistic design that appeals to a number of shooters.

How the hand pump works

At Jean Pierre Fusil, PCP rifles are supplied with a hand pump. As seen previously, it is used to refill the tank. To achieve a complete filling, a little elbow grease is needed! 

The pump has several stages (= cylinders) which in turn compress a smaller and smaller volume of air before transferring it to the rifle tank.

To use the pump, connect the hose to the gun's tank, put it on the ground, place your feet on the base, place your hands on the handle and pump up and down with your arms.

The PCP gun

The pistol is the other major PCP weapon. It has the same advantages as the rifle: long and accurate bursts of fire / easier loading...

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer any in the gun shop. However, you will find many revolvers and CO2 pistols that allow you to shoot without reloading between shots.