Slingshots and Blowguns 

A stone thrower is a jet weapon consisting of a handle supporting two "Y" branches on which are attached elastic bands connected to a flexible strip (generally made of leather). To use it, a projectile is placed on the leather band and held by the pinch of two fingers; the elastic is then stretched away from the arm holding the handle; the firing is triggered by releasing the pressure of the fingers on the projectile, which is sent off to the intended target. The blowgun is also a throwing weapon for throwing small projectiles by the force of the breath. The practice of the blowgun is simple and surprising. It also has beneficial effects on health: development of pectoral and abdominal muscles, improvement of breathing and concentration, oxygenation of the blood and reduction of stress.
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Some information on the slingshot

Regularly used in films for children, slingshot is indeed a category D weapon. Sometimes called "slingshot" in the familiar language, it is completely different from this weapon consisting of a pocket and two strips. Linked to the invention of Michelin's first removable tires, it was manufactured with the bicycle inner tube contained inside. The latter served as an elastic for the slingshot.

Handcrafted, the rustic model consists of a Y-shaped piece of wood and a thick rubber band. Industrial production, the simplest modern model (like that of Jean Pierre Fusil) consists of a metal support, a latex elastic and an ergonomic handle. Depending on the model, it can be equipped with an armrest, a viewfinder, a stabilizer or other accessories.

Depending on the use, it is loaded with pebbles, nuts, lead balls, glass or steel.