A stone thrower is a jet weapon consisting of a handle supporting two "Y" branches on which are attached elastic bands connected to a flexible strip (generally made of leather). To use it, a projectile is placed on the leather band and held by the pinch of two fingers; the elastic is then stretched away from the arm holding the handle; the firing is triggered by releasing the pressure of the fingers on the projectile, which is sent off to the intended target. 

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Some information about the slingshot

Regularly used in children's films, the slingshot is indeed a category D draft weapon. Sometimes called a "slingshot" in colloquial language, it is however totally different from this weapon made of a pouch and two straps.

Linked to the invention of the first removable Michelin tyres, it was made with the bicycle inner tube contained inside. The latter served as a rubber band for the slingshot.

The rustic model is made of a Y-shaped piece of wood and a thick rubber band. The simplest modern industrial model (such as the one from Jean Pierre Fusil) consists of a metal support, a latex rubber band and an ergonomic handle. Depending on the model, it can be equipped with an armrest, a sight, a stabiliser or other accessories.

Depending on the use, it can be loaded with pebbles, nuts, lead, glass or steel balls.