Stun gun 

Electric fist, electric batons, shocker or taser are various denominations of these self-defense devices using electricity to stop an aggressor. The taser is the brand name of an electric defence weapon, acting at a distance by projecting electrodes. This equipment is reserved for law enforcement agencies, and is totally forbidden for sale to individuals in France. The electric fists, acting by contact with the aggressor are classified in category D-2, their acquisition is free to any person over 18 years old. The electrodes of the shopper, in contact with the aggressor, will send an electric shock, which will disrupt the message that the brain sends to the muscles, thus paralyzing the aggressor, and making him unable to continue his aggression. He is totally disoriented and loses his balance for a few minutes. Full recovery will be achieved after 5 to 10 minutes and there will be no after-effects.

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