Stun gun

Electric fist, shocker or taser are various denominations of these self-defence devices using electricity to stop an aggressor. Taser is the brand name of an electric defence weapon, acting at a distance by projecting electrodes. This equipment is reserved for law enforcement agencies and is totally banned from sale to private individuals in France. On the other hand, the electric fists available in the armoury are classified as category D-2 and therefore on sale to anyone over 18 years of age. The electrodes of the shoker, in contact with the assailant, will send an electric shock, which will disrupt the message that the brain sends to the muscles, thus paralysing the assailant, and making him unable to continue his aggression. He is totally disoriented and loses his balance for a few minutes. Full recovery will be obtained after 5 to 10 minutes and there will be no after-effects.

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The shocker : the equivalent of the taser for individuals

The taser was invented by the American firm Axon Enterprise. Called an electric pulse gun, it projects two thin cables at the end of which are placed two small metal spikes. These are the ones that deliver the electric shock when they come into contact with the skin of the targeted individual.

In France, the sale of tasers to private individuals is prohibited. Like firearms, it is a category B weapon subject to authorisation. Considered dangerous if misused, it is reserved for law enforcement agencies, the police and the gendarmerie. The X26 taser is the model used by French law enforcement agencies.

The electric fist or shocker is the equivalent of the taser for individuals. Unlike the PIE, which works with cables that conduct current, the shocker uses one or more electrodes that release a current of lower power. Also, the shocker is not suitable for remote use. It must come into direct contact with the skin of the assailant.