Self-defence sprays 

You will find in this category a wide range of defense bombs (also called tear gas bombs). There are several types of self defense devices, allowing you to defend yourself in different situations. You will find 2 different components: C.S a powerful chemical agent, or capsaicin a "natural" agent containing a synergistic mixture of essential oils of pepper and chilli extract. These aerosols can project either GAZ (very volatile, it allows you to target several attackers, but better to use it outside, to avoid a return on you) or GEL (can be used indoors, it will only touch the person targeted, with a burning effect accentuated on the skin). To purchase a tear bomb from Jean Pierre Fusil armory, first select your format. From the most discreet (pens or key rings) to the most imposing (Jet Protector JPX), you will easily find a suitable container for your needs! Do not forget to take a look at the inevitable Guardian Angel, the No. 1 self-defense!

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How do I use tear gas ?

Very easy to handle, the teargas can be used as a pistol or a defence revolver. To scare off the attacker, simply aim it at him and press the power button. Once hit, he will immediately be paralysed and suffer various irritations. Perfect for dealing with several aggressors, the incapacitating gas is only used outdoors. Highly volatile, it also risks touching you when it is released into the air. Thicker, the gel is ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Effective against a single assailant, it attaches itself to the assailant and does not spread through the air. To be effective, however, it is essential to touch his respiratory tract or skin. Note that pepper spray and pepper gel are also effective against dangerous animals.

Can the defence bomb be transported ?

Attention, to carry and transport this defence weapon, it is essential to have a legitimate reason. If you are checked by the police, you will have to justify carrying and transporting it. It is then up to them to judge whether the reasons given are valid or not. If you return alone in the evening, passing through a risk zone, your justifications will certainly be accepted.