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A kind of long knife with a thick blade and a short handle, the machete is a category D weapon. Sometimes called a cutter, it is mainly used by adventurers, hunters and survivalists. Handled with care, it can be used to clear a path in the wilderness, cut palm leaves, maintain plantations, cut wood for a fire, make small traps or build a shelter for the night. Versatile and practical, it allows you to carry much less material in a more or less hostile environment.

Like the pocket knife, the machete is an essential part of an adventurer's survival kit. Longer than the traditional knife, its blade size is between 40 centimetres and 1 metre. Sharpened regularly, it is ideal for slicing wood. Being made of flexible steel, it is virtually unbreakable. If it collides with metal or stone, it simply needs to be sharpened to regain its edge. The handle is made of plastic or wood and can be used with one hand.

Delivered in a case, the machete requires a legitimate reason to be carried and transported. Discover the available models and buy your machete on the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop.

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Other names for the machete

Depending on its shape and the countries where it is used, the machete can change its name. In Martinique and Senegal, it is more often called a cutlass and a cleaver. In Reunion, it is called a sabre or cane sabre (pronounced sab in Creole). In New Caledonia, it is known as a "sabre d'abattis", parang in Malaysia, golok in Indonesia, kukri in Nepal and barong in the Philippines.