Defence firearms

Defence weapons are ideal for reassurance and protection in the event of an attack at home. Non-lethal, they come in different models: blank replicas, rubber bullet guns, truncheons, tear gas canisters, brass knuckles or electric fists.

The vast majority of defensive weapons are in category D. They are therefore freely available to adults. More dangerous, bubblegum guns and flash balls (classified as rubber bullet guns) are in category C. They require the presentation of various documents to be ordered.

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Choosing a defensive weapon

The alarm pistol and revolver

Not considered firearms, the alarm pistol and revolver reproduce the same sound as their live-fire counterparts. Less dangerous but just as impressive, they expel blank bullets or gas reloads. They can also be equipped with a dazzling flash, which can be used to scare off attackers and signal your position.

The eraser hits

Better known as the "Flash ball", the gomm cogne expels rubber bullets. Available in its civilian version on the online gun shop, it requires, depending on its power, a declaration to the prefecture.

The tear gas canister

The more popular tear gas canister is a discreet and effective defence weapon. It projects a gel or irritant gas and is ideal for immobilising an aggressive individual. Available in a variety of sizes, the spray can also be used as a defensive pistol. It is used in the same way as a traditional pistol, simply by pulling the trigger to expel the irritant. It is more accurate than a tear gas canister and makes it easier to aim at the target. The substance contained inside is incapacitating and causes watering, burning and irritation of the airways, skin and eyes.

The electric fist

As the name suggests, the electric fist uses electricity to immobilise an assailant. Also available in the form of a baton, a torch, a fake telephone or even a ring, the taser sends an electric shock of varying intensity towards the attacker. The only requirement is that the user must be in contact with his or her body for the shock to be felt.

The baton 

Used to keep an individual at a distance, the baton is usually telescopic. Stored in its holster, it is drawn out when danger is felt. A quick movement of the arm is all it takes to deploy it. With its sheathed handle, it is relatively easy to hold.

The knuckles

The brass knuckles are made of steel or aluminium. It has several holes through which the fingers can pass, and its purpose is to increase the power of the blow tenfold. It can be decorated in various ways and is considered by some to be a real collector's item.

The most powerful defence weapon

The flash ball is extremely powerful as it projects rubber bullets of 40 mm in diameter that can reach 80 m/s and 12 metres in distance. It is a dangerous weapon that is used by law enforcement agencies. The flash ball must be declared after purchase. Also, it is recommended to follow some teachings to use it correctly.

The most discreet model

The tear gas canister is considered by many to be particularly discreet. Indeed, it can be slipped into a handbag or pocket and taken out in just a few seconds. It can also be used as a key ring, a lipstick tube or a pen, making it even more versatile.

Please note: it is essential to have a legitimate reason for carrying and transporting the defence bomb (e.g. working at night and returning by public transport / living in a so-called dangerous area...).

Electric models

Electric defence weapons include : electric fists and electric batons. Electric fists usually take the form of a box, a torch or a key ring. They are equipped with a small button that triggers a more or less powerful electric arc. To be effective, they must be in contact with the assailant's body (directly against the skin or on fabric). Some models are equipped with a light that also dazzles the assailant. The electric baton works and is used in the same way.

Weapons for women and men

There are no defensive weapons for women and no defensive weapons for men. All can be used by both. At Jean Pierre Fusil, we address ourselves to all without distinction !