The knuckles are a piece of metal through which you run your fingers. Thus coming as an extension of the bony joints. Probably dating from the Civil War, this weapon was used for hand-to-hand defence. More practical than the knife, it made it possible to continue to use one's fingers (reload one's weapon while defending oneself at the same time). While the knife, mobilizes the whole hand). When hitting with an American fist, the contact surface being smaller, the force is more concentrated and the impact more effective. With it, you are also less afraid of damaging your hands. In France, the knuckles are classified as a category D weapon. It is therefore on sale to people over the age of 18. On the other hand, it is forbidden to carry it.

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Classic knuckle-dusters or more original ?

Available in a variety of models, the traditional knuckles have one large and four small finger cavities to allow fingers to pass through. It has no frills and is made of steel and available in silver or gold. As original as it is, it is now available in more or less extravagant models. At Jean Pierre Fusil, the knuckles can be embellished with several skulls, a feminine bust, an eagle's head or fleur-de-lys. Depending on the needs, it can also be equipped with a sharp knife or take the form of a belt buckle to be tied around the waist.