Shooting rifles 

For shooting experts and competition participants, we offer a range of rifles, principally of a 22Lr calibre. These have to be declared or registered with the relevant authorities, and their purchase requires a valid licence or hunting permit.

Here you will also find a range of specialist ammunitions for a variety of different uses, as well as a great selection of accessories.

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    Air rifles and CO2 rifles

    Here you will find our wide selection of air rifles and CO2-powered rifles. Rifles which generate a force of under 20 Joules can be freely purchased by anyone over 18 years of age. Rifles with a force of over 20 Joules have to be declared to the authorities (or registered), and their purchase requires a valid shooting licence or hunting permit.


    We also offer a wide range of ammunition, designed for diverse uses (target shooting, small pest control, etc), as well as accessories for the transportation and maintenance of your rifle. You will also find here a selection of optical targeting equipment, for more precise rifle shooting.

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    CO2 and air pistols, revolvers and other handguns

    Air pistols and revolvers, or pistols and revolvers powered by CO2, are ideal for leisure shooting as they make it easy to practice or have fun at home.


    These two types of gun use air or gas pressure to fire. Air guns require reloading after each shot, whereas CO2 powered guns are capable of automatic reloading (In order to use these guns, small canisters of CO2 gas are required).


    Here you will also find specific ammunition, targets, supplementary chargers, and optical acccessories to better enhance your shooting experience. Furthermore, we offer a range of handy cleaning and maintenance materials to take care of your gun.

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    22 Long rifles & other shooting rifles

    All the rifles of this category are subjected to a special law in France. Their buying mus be declared in Prefecture. They need a copy of the ID, and a valid shooting license or hunting permit. Those weapons can't be sold out of France.

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    Soft Air guns and Paintball items

    Airsoft and paintball are combat-simulation activities which utilise replica firearms.


    With airsoft, the available weapons are pistols and revolvers, as well as shoulder weapons. In addition to the actual firearms, you will need gas cannisters in order to fire (except in the case of pump-action air rifles), and plastic ball ammunition. There are also further accessories available for this activity, such as hand-grenades.


    Paintball involves the use of 'markers' which fire balls of paint at your opponent. Protective gear is indispensible in order to practice this sport without getting injured, and other accessories, such as the Spyder charger, are also extremely useful.


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    Cases, sheaths and holsters

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    Accessories : hearing protects

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    Accessories : optics

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    Other accessories

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    Magazines and cylinders

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