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For leisure shooters, but also for competitors and sport shooters, we offer a range of rifles, mainly in 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 22 Long rifle calibres. The pellet rifles are on sale free of charge for adults when they are less than 20 joules. Above this power, they are declarable and require a hunting permit or a shooting licence. The 22Lr rifle is a firearm that requires a shooting licence or a valid hunting permit; its acquisition must be declared to the prefecture.

You will also find pellet guns, airsoft weapons and ammunition suitable for sale over the age of 18.

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Recreational shooting: concentration and precision

Recreational shooting is an opportunity to test one's skill, coolness and accuracy. It is a regulated discipline that can be practised in a club or in a safe place.

The pellet guns offered by the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop develop a power of 2 to 15 joules for pellet pistols, and much more for long guns such as pellet rifles. Some PCP rifles can push up to more than 100 joules, which allows at full power, an accurate shot up to 100 meters away.

22 Long rifles do not fall into the same category, as they are firearms. The power will therefore depend on the ammunition used. A standard cartridge can develop a power of 141 joules at the mouth of the barrel. With specific cartridges such as subsonic, the performance can be much higher.