Black powder firearms 

Black powder weapons appeared in the 14th century. Today, they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Indeed, nostalgic people continue to use them and some clubs offer shooting with black powder. At Jean Pierre Fusil, we offer revolvers, pistols and long guns. The loading of these weapons requires a certain number of steps and adapted ammunition: bullets, primers, powder... to be chosen according to the caliber of the weapon. After each shooting session, it is important to clean your weapon well, in order to keep it for as many years as possible. This is why we also offer you a range of items for cleaning and dismantling black powder weapons.

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History of black powder

Replacing the bows and crossbows of the 14th century, the first rifles were loaded with black powder. Poured into the muzzle of the weapon and then compressed, the bullet was then introduced above the powder. Sometimes, it could also be preceded by a notepad, the purpose of which was to reinforce the seal, reduce the loss of gas and centre the projectile. Later, paper cartridges containing the bullet and powder were made to simplify loading. The user had to tear the cartridge with his teeth before inserting it into the barrel. Even later, metal cartridges were invented, which made loading even faster.

Today in Europe, black powder weapons are appreciated for their vintage and traditional look. In America, they have always been used. Indeed, there are hunting areas reserved for this type of firearm. More ecological than modern ammunition, black powder and the materials needed to maintain it are completely natural. Non-polluting, they do not leave empty cartridge cases outdoors.