Lead 4.5 (.177) 

4.5 mm lead is the most common ammunition in rifles, pistols and revolvers for recreational and competition shooting. It can be used to load weapons of the same calibre and can be made of lead, but also of copper, steel or polymer. Spherical or diabolo, the 4.5 lead is chosen according to your use. For example, if you want to improve your accuracy on targets, opt for a heavy, flat-headed lead / for vermin, prefer a polymer ammunition, more powerful and penetrating. Contact us by phone if you hesitate between several references.

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What does 4.5 mean ?

The number 4.5 refers to both the calibre of the weapon and the ammunition that must be used to load it. It means that the inside diameter of the gun barrel and the pellet measures 4.5 millimetres. The logic is the same for 5.5 mm pellets etc.

Does 4.5 lead fit any weapon ?

Most 4.5 mm ammunition is suitable for both revolvers, pistols and pellet rifles. However, some references are only suitable for loading handguns or rifles. To avoid mistakes, all this information is noted on the product sheets.

What type of pellet should I use for my 4.5 mm rifle or pistol ?

The choice of pellet type depends mainly on the desired effect: improving accuracy, developing power, training for competition, etc. Also, some weapons are not necessarily designed to use a particular type/form of pellet. For example, Gamo G-Hammer pellet is only suitable for single-shot rifles with a power of more than 20 joules / Gamo spherical pellet is only suitable for revolvers and pellet guns designed to receive this form of ammunition... The material used to manufacture the ammunition may also be taken into account.

A person who shoots regularly and wishes to limit his or her ecological footprint could opt for a lead-free bullet made of polymer and steel.