CO2 rifles

The CO2 pellet rifle is available for free sale up to 20 Joules. Beyond this power, it is necessary to transfer us various receipts to acquire it. The majority of the models available on the online gun shop are below 20 joules. You can therefore purchase one by presenting your identity card.

Unlike the air rifle, the CO2 model allows you to shoot pellet after pellet (semi-auto) or in bursts (full-auto) until the magazine or CO2 cartridge is empty.

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The price of the CO2 pellet rifle

It is possible to buy a cheap CO2 rifle for around 100 euros. Just like low-powered air rifles, this type of rifle can be a good idea when you are new to recreational shooting.

If you are an experienced shooter, you can then invest in a more expensive and powerful model, as it will be used regularly.

Available brands

Like all pellet rifles, CO2 models are available in several brands: Umarex, ASG, Crosman, Gamo, Sig Saueur...

The 20 joule CO2 rifle

When the pellet rifle has a power of more than 20 joules, it is considered dangerous and classified in category C. It is therefore necessary to present several documents to be able to buy it: identity card / shooting licence or valid hunting licence.

To date, the majority of CO2 rifles on sale in the gun shop have a power of less than 20 joules. They are suitable for leisure shooting.