Black powder revolvers

Mainly used for recreational shooting, black powder revolvers are replicas of old weapons. Since they must be loaded as they were in the past, a certain number of steps must be followed and specific ammunition must be used to reload them correctly. Bullets, primers and powder are essential. After each shooting session, it is also important to clean them well to keep them in good condition. Made of quality materials, these vintage guns can also be considered as collector's items.

At Jean Pierre Fusil, we offer Pietta and Uberti replicas. The most popular model is the Remington 1858 from Pietta. Make your choice!

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Legislation on black powder revolvers

Black powder revolvers are category D weapons. They are sold over the counter to people of legal age. To buy a replica, it is therefore not necessary to have a shooting licence or a hunting permit. All that is required is an identity card or passport.

Maintenance of black powder replicas

Black powder revolvers require more care than modern guns. A pellet revolver can fire hundreds of shots with only a little cleaning. With black powder models, the frequency of maintenance is totally different! If you fire them hundreds of times without cleaning them, you risk rusting, damaging them and even making them unserviceable.

A complete and thorough cleaning is necessary after each shooting session to keep the gun in good condition. You should disassemble it as much as possible to clean it.