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All rifles in the categories below are reportable. Their acquisition requires the preliminary sending of the copy of the identity card and the shooting license of the year or the hunting license with the validation for the current campaign. These weapons cannot be sold outside France. The 22lr rifle uses for ammunition the "22 Long Rifle" with 5.5 mm annular percussion calibre. This small calibre is widely used throughout the world. It is economical, accurate, with very little recoil and low detonation. The 22lr rifle is primarily used for sports shooting.

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Information on the 22 LR calibre

Accurate and economical, the 22 Long Rifle is a small calibre. Used to reload certain rifles, pistols and revolvers, it is ideal for sport shooting at 25, 50 and 100 metres. It can also be used for hunting small pests.

The 22 Long Rifle ammunition was introduced in 1887 and is the most widely used in the world. The standard cartridge is a 2.59 gram lead bullet. It is propelled at 330 metres per second down the long barrel of the 22 LR rifle. The standard cartridge is available in other more specific models such as the subsonic, the high velocity or the stinger. A multitude of brands manufacture this exceptional calibre. Among the best known are Remington, Eley, Winchester and Aguila.