The bipod is a useful accessory since it serves to reduce the movement of the weapon. It allows to lighten the shooter by distributing the weight of the weapon on the ground, a low wall or another surface. Thanks to it, the shooter reduces fatigue and concentrates more on shooting accuracy. On the armoury, we offer telescopic bipods whose height is easily adjustable. They are suitable for pellet rifles.

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How to attach the bipod to the pellet rifle ?

Most of the time, the bipod is equipped with a mount that allows it to be attached to a Picatinny or Weaver type rail. In this case, it is necessary to check that the barrel of the rifle is also equipped with one to be able to receive it. If it does not, you will have to add one before using the bipod.

The barrel model is easier to attach since it is placed directly on the barrel of the weapon. No specific rail is needed here, but you must pay attention to the diameter of the barrel: if it is too large, it will not be possible to use the bipod.

Should you choose a bipod of the same brand as your rifle ?

It is not compulsory to choose a model of the same brand as your pellet rifle. The most important thing is to check the mounting system and, in the second case, the diameter of the barrel.

However, some manufacturers offer bipods for specific references (e.g. the Stoeger bipod for Atac Suppressor rifle).

What are the advantages of the telescopic bipod ?

The telescopic bipod is adjustable in height thanks to a system of retraction of its legs. The user does not need to change the model to modify the shooting height. He can also differentiate the height from one foot to the other depending on the type of terrain (e.g. a pebble path, with holes). Also, when the bipod has to be stored, he can adjust the height to the minimum so that it takes up less space.