CO2 Pistols

The CO2 pistol is a semi-automatic weapon that uses lead pellets and CO2 canisters to operate. Unlike the air pistol which must be rearmed between shots, the CO2 version allows you to fire in semi-auto until the magazine is empty. The pellet gun can be a replica of an existing firearm or a new model.

Used for recreational or competitive shooting, it is classified as a category D weapon. As its power is less than 20 Joules, it is available over the counter for adults. On the online armoury, we offer several brands including Gamo, Umarex, Crosman and Sig Sauer.

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Is it possible to carry and wear the CO2 gun ?

The CO2 pellet gun is a category D weapon. It is not allowed to be carried or transported without a legitimate reason.

If you have to go to a shooting range, the reason will be considered legitimate. However, if you are carrying the pistol on a walk, the justification will be considered illegitimate. The police may fine you.

How to store it at home ?

There are no specific rules for storing the CO2 gun at home. Common sense goes without saying, especially when children live in the same house. Store the gun in a safe place, remove the ammunition and add a device that makes it unusable (e.g. trigger lock).

What are the differences with the CO2 airsoft gun ?

In order to function, both models must be fitted with a CO2 cylinder, which is usually placed in the grip. The CO2 gun for airsoft is loaded with pellets (often made of plastic), while the other is loaded with pellets (often diabolos).

The former is only suitable for airsoft (team activity where you shoot at other participants) and the latter for leisure shooting such as plinking (individual activity where you shoot at cardboard or metal targets).