Constituted of wood, rubber, metal or plastic, the baton takes the form of a stick to extend the length of the arm. Used to keep an attacker at bay, it is part of the category D defence weapons. Over-the-counter for those over 18, it is available in many models. Very discreet, the telescopic baton is composed of a sheathed handle for easy handling, a telescopic baton that extends during use and a small tip placed at the end to increase the striking power. Allowing to retaliate when the attacker approaches, the telescopic baton can be easily unfolded. All you have to do is lower it suddenly and the stick unfolds. If he continues to move forward, it is advisable to hit him from top to bottom while refraining from hitting him towards the head and back. To prevent the aggressor from stealing your baton, it is still recommended to practice handling it. Of Japanese origin, the tonfa consists of a traditional truncheon to which a side handle is added. Generally used in martial arts or by law enforcement, it requires flexibility in fingers, elbows, wrists and arms to be properly controlled. When manufactured with two different materials, tonfa absorbs and distributes shocks much better.

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