Very easy to use, the CO2 rifle uses carbon dioxide to eject the lead. Loaded with liquid air cartridges, there is no need to lower the barrel to fire. Appreciated by competition shooting enthusiasts, its propulsion system reduces vibrations. More practical than the air rifle, the CO2 pellet rifle allows several shots to be fired without having to rearm it.

An over-the-counter rifle up to 20 joules

The CO2 rifle is a category D weapon. Like other pellet rifles, it is available over the counter up to 20 joules. Above this power, it becomes more dangerous and requires various proofs to be purchased. The vast majority of CO2 models are below 20 joules.

-> More information on the legislation governing pellet rifles

Available in 4.5 mm calibre

Offered only in 4.5 millimetre calibre on our armoury, the CO2 rifle is particularly suitable for precision shooting over short distances. Weighing between 0.45 and 0.8 grams, the 4.5 millimetre pellet can be dispatched up to 20 metres away. It can be made of different materials and can also take several shapes: flat or pointed head, smooth or striped skirt...

The location of the CO2 sparclette

CO2 cartridges, in the form of single-use bottles, generally weigh 12 or 88 grams. At Jean Pierre Fusil, we provide you with 12-gram cylinders allowing you to fire between 40 and 60 shots in a row.

carabine a plomb CO2 avec bonbonne dans la crosse

Bottle compartment in the stock

carabine a plomb CO2 avec bonbonne dans le chargeur

Bottle compartment in the loader

Characteristics of the CO2 pellet rifle




Semi-automatic / Burst firing possible / Accuracy decreases as the cylinder empties


No arming between each shot

Méthod of arming

The CO2 cylinder is placed in the stock or magazine / The pellets are placed in the cylinder, which can hold several pellets / Refill the cylinder with pellets and change the CO2 cylinder when it is empty (single-use cylinder).


Free sale for a power of less than 20 joules


4,5 m


From 115 euros

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