20 joule air rifle

Available over the counter for people over 18 years of age, the pellet rifle under 20 joules is a category D weapon. Unlike its counterpart of more than 20 joules, it is not declarable at the prefecture after purchase. Therefore, to obtain it, it is not necessary to present a shooting licence or a hunting permit. Only the identity card is required.

Buying a pellet rifle up to 20 Joules

In this category you will find pellet rifles of 19.9 joules which are used for leisure purposes. They have a 4.5 or 5.5 millimetre calibre and are loaded with diabolo pellets. Available with a scope or several accessories, the rifles in a pack are ready to use as soon as they are received.

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Air rifle FAQ

How does a 20 joule rifle work ?

At Jean Pierre Fusil, the 19.9 Joule rifles are powered by compressed air and pellets. This is the most common method and the most democratised in France.

To use an air rifle, simply break the barrel or operate the cocking lever and place the pellet in the barrel chamber. Unlike CO2 and PCP models, air rifles are single-shot and cannot be fired in bursts. The barrel must therefore be broken and reloaded between shots in order to fire.

Does it come with accessories ?

Like all other rifles available from the online gun shop, the 20 joule rifle is available individually / with an accessory / in a pack. When it is supplied with an additional product, it is generally a scope that is fixed on rails already mounted. When it is packaged, it comes with at least two accessories: ammunition boxes, targets, scope, scabbard, etc.

Is there a 20 joule rifle without a licence ?

The answer is no! Above this power, the rifle is no longer considered a category D weapon, but a category C weapon. It is therefore compulsory to present various documents to buy it: identity card + hunting licence or shooting licence. In France, you will not find rifles of 20 joules or more on sale over the counter for adults.

What damage can it do ?

The 20 joule rifle is considered powerful and dangerous. For this reason, it is necessary to present various proofs to obtain it and to be an experienced shooter to use it.

The 20 joule pellet rifle is not lethal, but it can still cause serious damage. If handled by a novice or irresponsible person, it can quickly injure someone. Therefore, basic safety rules should always be followed: protect the shooting area, store the weapon in a safe place and use it with care.