This guide will help you choose your rifle. Follow our advice and learn all you need to know about the practice and the universe of the rifle. Perfect for improving your patience and dexterity, shooting with the rifle is an activity that is practiced in a sports club. Its objective is very simple: the shooter must reach several times a target located at a distance more or less distant to acquire the maximum points. According to the disciplines, the target can be placed between 10 and 300 meters. Third world individual sport, it is practiced at any age. Recognized as two Olympic disciplines, the shots at 10 meters and 50 meters are more and more passionate amateurs. For the novice and the most experienced, the rifles offered by the armory Jean Pierre Fusil are suitable for the practice of shooting of leisure or competition. They are divided into two main groups: rifles with a power less than 20 joules which are over-the-counter for adults (presentation of the identity card) and those with a power exceeding 20 joules which must be declared in the prefecture and that are sold only to persons with validated hunting license or shooting license. Of course, rifle shooting always takes place in a secure and adapted environment. When one has little recoil on the sport of shooting one is generally oriented towards a shotgun cheap, but is it really a good strategy?

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