How to use your pellet gun properly?

To avoid problems due to misuse, here are some tips to follow carefully.

Never shoot empty

Simple rule and easy to follow, it is not recommended to shoot lead-free. If you decide to fire a shot despite the absence of lead in the chamber, be aware that you may damage the spring of the rifle. Indeed, the air will compress quickly and escape through the barrel without pretensioning the piston. The spring will relax much too quickly and undergo various shocks that can cause its destruction. The spring is a key element of the weapon's operation and must be carefully maintained. This recommendation is also suitable for rifles that use a cylinder or NitroPiston propulsion system.

Do not oil the rifle

The oil is a flammable product that metamorphoses into volatile and burning microparticles when pressurized. If you put oil on the piston or in the barrel, you will cause a burning and increasing drying of the joints of these two elements.

The instantaneous combustion of the microparticles increases the volume of gas inside the weapon, causing an abnormal deflagration at the end of the barrel and often accompanied by a flame. At the same time, the piston is also subjected to a force that forces it to the rear of the compression body. This force can cause damage to the spring and to the spring. The only valid excuse to oil the outside of the rifle is a long term storage period. The oil is ideal for preserving metal parts and protecting them from oxidation. In this case, use a product without additives that you will clean before reusing the weapon.

Use suitable projectiles

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Characterized by its size, the pellet rifle must be loaded with leads corresponding to its diameter and use. Do not confuse 4.5 mm steel balls with 4.5 mm diabolo pellets. They are not the same projectiles and are not compatible with the pellet rifle. The steel ball will remain stuck in the barrel and will wear out the scratches that are intended to ensure the stability of the projectile. If you insert a lead in the wrong direction, be aware that it will also get stuck in the barrel!

Do not disassemble the pellet gun

If you are not necessarily comfortable with its mechanism, avoid dismantling the air rifle. Instead, contact a professional who will help you solve the problem.

Even if you know the basic rules for using the pellet gun properly, you still have a few things to know such as: