Rifle has lead 20 joules without a license

On 6 September 2013 a change was made in the classification and legal status of the materials, weapons and ammunition and their components.

The categorization of weapons has changed:

We went from a classification comprising 8 types of weapons to a classification including only 4 kinds. Thus, weapons are no longer classified in categories ranging from 1 to 8 but from A to D.

Now, the rifle is included in category D.

rifle with lead 20 joules

Another modification concerning this weapon of shooting and of leisure is to be taken into account. Free sales for those over 18 years of age are allowed up to a maximum of 20 joules (instead of 10 joules). Beyond this power, the person wishing to possess such a rifle must be provided with a license to hunt with validation for the current campaign or a valid FFT license to buy a rifle.


JORF n ° 0178 of 2 August 2013 page 13194
text n ° 17

Decree No. 2013-700 of 30 July 2013 implementing Law No. 2012-304 of 6 March 2012 on the establishment of modern, simplified and preventive arms control

NOR: INTD1310029D

Public concerned: legal holders of firearms (hunters, sports shooters ...), professionals engaged in the manufacture, trade or import, export and transfer of materials, weapons, ammunition and their components, sports associations and museums.

Subject: classification and legal status of materials, weapons and ammunition and their components.

Entry into force: the text comes into force on 6 September 2013 ...


Find the whole decree on Legifrance.gouv.fr: Legislation rifle with lead.