Rifle has lead the ground rules

Fusil-Calais offers you some tips to make the perfect use of this weapon of leisure!

Safety for the user and for others

- Choose a safe area when using the weapon. This will prevent the shot from causing injury to other people or direct impact damage or lead ricochet.

- Handle the shotgun with the same precautions as a real loaded gun. This weapon can cause serious injury or death. It must therefore always be considered as being charged.

- Store in a safe place. The owner must ensure that children, minors and unauthorized persons do not have access to the firearm. It must be stored in a locked area separated from the pellets. The best solution to reduce the accident is to use a metal cabinet.

- Do not climb a tree. When crossing a ditch or fence, do not aim the weapon at yourself or towards another person.

- Refrain from drinking alcohol and consuming powerful medications. Obviously, you should never drink alcoholic beverages before firing. During drug intake, motor reactions can be decreased and judgment capacity modified.

Proper use of the shotgun

- Do not pull in the direction of a hard surface or water. If you fire against a rock, water or other hard surface, the risk of fragmentation of lead and ricochets increases dramatically. You can unfortunately reach a different target than the one targeted.

- Be careful, even if the safety is switched on. Safety never replaces the basic safety rules. Leave the safety lock engaged until the moment of shooting. Do not rely solely on this device to ensure safety and avoid the accident. Always follow the safety instructions in the operating instructions. If you are uncertain about the use of the lead rifle, consult an expert and follow the safety instructions.

- Wear safety goggles during shooting. It is possible that a lead or fragments may be thrown back. In these cases, they can cause serious injury. To avoid accidents, the shooter and the persons present must wear appropriate glasses.

- Never carry the loaded weapon. Before putting it into a vehicle, make sure it is unloaded. Loaded it only when you arrived at the shooting location.


Proper maintenance of the lead rifle

- Properly maintain the weapon. To prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the operating mechanisms, store the firearm in an enclosed area. After each use, clean it to prevent corrosion, gun damage and accumulation of dirt. Of course, always follow the instructions in the user manual. Before loading, check the barrel and avoid any obstructions. When firing, if you hear an unusual noise, snap the safety and unload the weapon. Then check that the barrel is clean.

- Use suitable pellets. The type of lead used must be suitable for the rifle used. The caliber is always punched on the barrel. The use of lead of poor quality can cause a modification of the precision and clog the barrel.

- Do not pull empty

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