How to properly maintain his lead rifle?

To take care of the shotgun and keep it as long as possible, it is recommended to pay attention to its cleaning, transport and storage.


Essential to guarantee its proper functioning, the rifle is cleaned regularly. And yes, the soiling infiltrates very quickly and clogs its different parts. The more the weapon is used outdoors, the sooner it gets dirty. The cleaning of the barrel makes it possible to preserve its accuracy during firing. Various accessories are available to make the lead rifle as clean as the first day: traditional cleaning kit, maintenance oil, cold tanning bottle ...


To prevent the air rifle from getting damaged (scratches on the stock, scratches on the steel ...) too quickly, it is advisable to transport it in a protective cover or a suitcase. Padded, they reduce the impact. Sobres, they are also perfect to move the rifle unobtrusively. Of course, ammunition must be stored separately.

Storage of leaded rifle

Aiming to protect steel from oxidation, tanning is a process performed on most rifles. Caused by moisture, rust can be prevented if the weapon is stored in a dry place. Moisture can deteriorate the aesthetics of the rifle and the quality of its fittings. For added security, it can also be stored in a cabinet or a safe. Lockable, it avoids incidents.