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Everyone is looking for a cheap lead rifle, but what do you mean by cheap? You have to ask yourself the question differently, you have a budget and wishes, it's up to you to choose the rifle that will suit your use without emptying your wallet.

Discover leisure shooting

If you want to learn about the practice and are not necessarily sure if you will continue, a simple and cheap rifle seems to be the best choice. Similarly, if you want to shoot for pure leisure (e.g. to practice on Sundays with your friends in the garden), the entry-level rifles will meet all your expectations. To learn about the pellet gun, you will find models from about 50 euros on our online gun shop.

gamo hunter 440 as lead rifle

The ideal model for adult initiation
Gamo Hunter 440 AS 4.5 mm rifle with sight
Precision + Air Stopper system that stabilizes the lead path
"Pleasant to use rifle, quick assembly and adjustment of the bezel, good cardboard at 25 meters." Thierry, customer Jean Pierre Fusil

The Gamo Hunter 440 A rifle

Improve your shooting skills

If you have already practiced rifle shooting in leisure mode, entry-level rifles will not meet your expectations regarding the quality of the sight, the regularity of the power released and the recoil of the rifle. If you are enrolled in a school or shooting range, you can invest in a high-performance model since you are sure to use it regularly.

Offer a pellet rifle

If you want to offer a pellet gun to a child or teenager, choose a first price model of any brand. Like the beginner, it is not proven that he continues the activity once his seal box is used. On average, a child's rifle costs between 50 and 120 euros at Jean Pierre Fusil.

deltafox lead shotgun

The ideal model for children
Gamo Deltafox GT 4.5 mm
Gamo Deltafox GT Plunger for children
Up to 12/13 years
Manual safety

The Gamo Deltafox GT rifle

Unlimited budget? Buy the Rolls-Royce from the rifle!

If finally, after careful consideration, you realize that the price doesn't matter and decide to please yourself, we recommend the Mauser rifle, the top of the range:

mauser rifle k98

Mauser K98 4.5 mm rifle 4.5 mm
Model used by the German military during World War II
"Very good quality. Efficient, powerful and precise. A beautiful piece." Rémy, client Jean Pierre Fusil

The Mauser K95 rifle

In conclusion, we can say the following: price should not be the key factor in decision-making. Your needs are very often different from one person to another, so we recommend that you read our guide How to choose a pellet gun ? A good way to do it to support you in your search.

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