Gamo air riffle

The most widespread Gamo rifle uses compressed air and is armed by gun breakage. Its 4.5 mm calibre is suitable for leisure and sports shooting. Its power between 10 and 20 joules allows it to be sold over the counter for those over 18 years old. We offer you several models of this kind but also other Gamo pellet rifles more or less powerful. Our models are available individually or as a pack with one or more accessories (sight, target, ammunition box...). 

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Frequently asked questions about the Gamo rifle

The power of the Gamo rifle

In the gun shop we offer Gamo rifles that can reach 45 Joules. These are powerful weapons that must be handled with care. For this reason, from 20 joules onwards, various documents must be presented in order to purchase them: identity card, valid hunting permit or shooting licence. Below this power, i.e. up to 19.9 Joules, Gamo pellet rifles are available for sale to adults.

Note: models below 10 Joules are suitable for teenagers or people who wish to discover recreational shooting. These are entry-level guns that allow you to get the hang of it and see if you want to continue shooting at a more advanced level.

The Gamo air rifle

The brand's rifles work mainly with compressed air. This means that their barrels must be lowered and reloaded with ammunition for each shot. Air rifles are single-shot models. They do not have a magazine that allows you to store pellets in advance and do not allow you to fire in bursts. However, you only need to have ammunition to be able to shoot.

The Gamo PCP rifle

At Jean Pierre Fusil, Gamo pre-compressed air rifles have a power of more than 20 Joules. You must therefore provide proof of purchase. Unlike the compressed air rifles, they have an ammunition magazine and an air tank that allow you to shoot in bursts without having to reload each time. When empty, the tank can be refilled with a hand pump, a high-pressure compressor or a scuba tank.

Gamo technologies

- After the success of the 10X Quick-Shot reloading system, Gamo innovates with this second generation version. The 10X Quick-Shot Gen 2 technology features a lighter and more compact horizontal magazine for fast and accurate shooting. As with the first version, it is possible to shoot 10 times without reloading / with the sight open.

- Whisper is one of the first noise reduction technologies to be developed in the airgun industry. It takes the form of a silencer directly integrated and moulded onto the barrel.

- The Whisper Maxxim sound reducer has two dampening chambers and a lightweight, grooved, rifled barrel to further reduce noise when fired. It takes up less space than the Whisper and thus offers a better balance of the weapon's weight.

- The Whisper Fusion has a dual sound moderator that forces the bullet to travel through two different chambers that compress and prevent the propagation of noise. Gamo rifles with this technology are the quietest rifles available.

- With the IGT (Inert Gas Technology) system, the spring is replaced by a pneumatic cylinder that produces more terminal velocity and less vibration when fired. The power of the weapon is constant and the cocking effort is reduced.

- The SWA TM (Shock Wave Absorber) butt plate improves recoil distance and absorption rate. It is based on a system of removable pads integrated into the stock.

- The Triple R (Recoil Reducing Rail) absorbs the shock wave produced by the recoil / which hinders the use of the scope.

- The CAT trigger promotes clean, crisp starts. It can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.