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The Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop offers guns, ammunition and accessories of the Crosman brand. On the side of the leisure weapons you will find pistols, revolvers, rifles, pellet rifles and bows (on sale up to 20 joules). But also bullets, extra magazines and barrels.

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An internationally recognized brand

Founded in 1923, the Crosman Arms Company initially specialised in recreational shooting with the production of air guns and ammunition. Initially a manufacturer for other brands, Crosman launched its first low-cost rifle in 1966: the Pumpmaster 760. In 1992, Crosman acquired the Benjamin Sheridan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of CO2 weapons and paintball markers.

Popular in the United States for its affordable guns, Crosman has largely penetrated the world market with its 357 revolver, a faithful reproduction of the Colt Python.

The invention of Nitro Piston technology

Crosman developed the Nitro Piston system, which is used in some of its pellet rifles. Air rifles are basically operated by a piston that is pressurised by a spring. In the Nitro Piston models, the spring has been replaced by a cylinder. This change in operation makes the rifles more stable, accurate and quiet.

The Nitro Piston system has since been adopted by other airgun manufacturers. However, it is called differently: N-TEC at Diana / IGT at Gamo / TNT at Umarex.

The Crosman 1377 pistol

This model is a great classic of the brand. With a power of 8 joules, it allows you to shoot at a greater range than many pellet guns. Its handguard is equipped with a pump that allows you to modulate the speed of fire: pump 3 times to reach 110 m/s, pump 10 times for about 183 m/s. The pistol works with compressed air, so it must be reloaded with a lead before each shot. It is available in two finishes on the armoury: black or brown.

The different rifles of the brand

Most Crosman rifles work with compressed air. They are single-shot, so you have to break the barrel and load them with a pellet before each shot. As seen above, these models can be equipped with Nitro Piston technology. In the gun shop, some CO2 and PCP rifles are also available. They both allow for a burst of fire. However, their mode of operation is different. The former must be filled with a CO2 cylinder / the latter with pre-compressed air.

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