30 joule air rifle

As part of category C weapons, the 30 joule plumb rifle is subject to a declaration by the prefecture after purchase (no sold out of France). To be able to obtain it, it is essential to present an identity card (over 18 years old) and a hunting permit or a shooting licence. Just like the less powerful models, it is manufactured by different brands: Gamo, Stoeger, Crosman...

Ideal for leisure, the 30 joules rifle allows you to shoot at cardboard or metal targets (plinking). In other countries, it is used for hunting small pests (hunting with a compressed air weapon prohibited in France). Appreciated for its ability to shoot over long distances, it has a strong penetration power.

Our collection includes models from 20 to 30 joules. They are available naked or with a scope. If you want to equip a 20/30 joules rifle with a scope, look for a solid model from 3-9x40 to 4-12x40 and even more if necessary. Being powerful, the air gun causes even more vibration. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about our different models. It will guide you to the rifle best suited to your type of activity.

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Is there a 30 joule pellet rifle without a licence ?

The answer is no. The rifle is considered dangerous when its power exceeds 20 joules. Therefore, various documents must be presented in order to buy it: a valid hunting permit or shooting licence in the name of the future owner.

Are Gamo models available ?

Several models of the Spanish brand Gamo are offered on the online gun shop. They are available individually, with a scope or in a pack with other accessories. In this category, Gamo rifles have a power between 29 and 45 joules.

Are there any rifles over 30 joules in the armoury ?

At the moment, the most powerful rifle offered on the site is 46 joules. We have created a 40 joule pellet rifle category that includes models of this power and higher.