The brands

There are a multitude of manufacturers of pellet guns. It's not easy to find your way around in this jungle of more or less known brands! Have you ever heard of Crosman, Gamo, Stoeger, Umarex or Walther? It is the manufacturers that we prioritize to feed our collection of rifles. Before paying attention to a particular brand, we recommend that you first choose a model that suits your needs.

What you need to know about Gamo 

Gamo is a Spanish manufacturer specialized in munitions, rifles and air guns. Present on all five continents, it is considered to be the leading European producer of compressed air weapons. Also world leader in ammunition manufacturing, Gamo is known to all shooters. Seeking to achieve excellence, it offers models suitable for beginners and experienced.

Gamo Timeline 

Following the creation of the ACSA group to manufacture lead derivatives, Antonio Casas Serra decided in 1950 to produce lead-based ammunition. Five years later, he founded Industrias el Gamo S.A. and in 1961 presented his first shotguns, which were immediately successful on the Spanish market. The group then moves towards the manufacture of rifles with fully interchangeable parts. Gamo's objective is to offer quality products to a wide range of customers price and thus popularize compressed air shooting. In 1963, the first exports were made to the United Kingdom and in 1970, they were made to more than 40 countries. In 1980, the group began a process of commercial relations with other foreign manufacturers in the same sector.

Two years later, the ammunition factory was moved to a new and much larger industrial park, which also included a wood processing plant for the production of weapons butts. In 1995, Gamo acquired a North American distributor and created a subsidiary in the country to facilitate the sale of its products. In 2007, the MCH Private Equity group acquired 80% of Industrias el Gamo to promote the brand's expansion. One year later, Gamo incorporates the WHISPER sound reduction system in most of its models. In 2009, the method of manufacturing ammunition changed with the appearance of new ammunition made of alternative materials to lead. In 2011, the performance of Gamo rifles will be improved thanks to the use of the IGT system which stabilizes the power and increases accuracy. In 2013, Gamo was fully acquired by the BRS investment fund, which wanted to further develop international sales.

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Umarex is a German manufacturer known for the quality of its defense, hunting and leisure weapons. In addition to pellet rifles, it produces tear gas pistols, paintball markers, archery, truncheons... very diverse weapons and accessories. Founded in 1972, the group has grown steadily and now has more than 850 employees in Germany and abroad. Its air guns are designed for sports shooters, recreational shooters and hunters.

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Of American origin, Crosman offers air weapons, archery and various accessories. A leader in the recreational weapon industry, it also designs and manufactures CO2-powered pellet rifles.

Chronology of the Crosman brand

Founded in 1923, Crosman initially produced only air gun bullets. A year later, he launched the first compressed air gun with a pneumatic pump and thus revolutionized "powder-free power". Little by little, the group grew and hired more staff. In 1966, he created the 760 Pumpmaster compressed air rifle, which became the best-selling rifle in history with 16 million units sold. In 1991, the first semi-automatic Repeat Air CO2 CO2-powered Repeat Air gun was put on sale.

In 2003, Crosman became the first American manufacturer to design and manufacture an air rifle that is armed by breaking the barrel. A few years later, the Benjamin Discovery model became the first affordable pre-compressed air rifle available at a price of. In 2010, the Nitro Piston technology is added to some weapon models and thus reduces the noise of firing by 70%. In 2011, the Benjamin Snape.357 becomes the first first compressed air shotgun from large calibre. And in 2013, Crosman celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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Stoeger is a brand of the Italian Beretta group. It combines Italian precision and American power to offer air weapons for beginners and experienced shooters. It created the Gas Ram Technology system to increase the efficiency and accuracy of its weapons and the Dual Stage Suppressor technology to minimize shooting noise. Its goal is to provide a unique, emotional and authentic experience for shooters. Founded in 2008, Stoeger celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018!

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