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Learn everything you need to know about the practice and universe of blowguns and slingshots! Formerly used in South America to hunt or in Japan to fight enemies, the blowgun allows to launch small projectiles thanks to the force of the breath. Nowadays practiced on the sports level, it consists of an aluminum tube and a mouthpiece. To score the most points, just place the projectiles close to the center of the target. Surprising and simple, the use of the blowpipe also has beneficial effects on health. It encourages concentration, decreases stress, facilitates oxygenation of the blood and improves breathing. In France, the sports blowpipe was mainly used in the mining regions of the Loire and the North. Almost disappeared in the North, it is still appreciated in the region of Saint-Étienne. But that does not prevent your armory Jean Pierre Fusil to propose for all France! As part of the draft weapon category, the slingshot consists of a Y-shaped handle and two elastic bands connected to a flexible band. Indispensable to use, the projectile is placed on the band and is held by two fingers. It may take the form of one or more pebbles, marbles or cherries. Just like the bow or the blowpipe, it can be practiced in a sports club. In Spain and the United States, shooting with the slingshot is considered a popular sport. Linked to the invention of the first dismountable pneumatic tires containing an inner tube, the lance-thrower appeared at the end of the XIXth century. Used as elastic of the lance-stone, these old tubes were recovered on the bicycles. Formerly made of wood and rubber, the slingshot is now made of metal, plastic and latex.

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