What is the blowgun?

Measuring 122 centimeters maximum, the modern blowgun consists of a tube and a mouthpiece. It can be completed with various accessories: viewfinder, handle, darts.

Generally made of aluminum, the tube is considered the main part of the blowpipe. Some models can be made of this simple tube. Others consist of two or more parts to be assembled by a tight fit. It is possible to shape its own blowgun using an aluminum tube of 0.4 gauge (12 mm tube and 10 mm inner).

The mouthpiece is essential to avoid swallowing the dart. Taking the form of a funnel, it is equipped with an anti-recoil system. It is placed on the mouth and allows to channel the breath inside the tube.

Optional accessories

As the name suggests, the dartboard is ideal for supporting 5, 6 or 10 projectiles. Placed directly on the blowpipe, it is bought in specialized shops or manufactures oneself. To do this, simply cut a ring of polystyrene or other material. The handle takes the form of a small tube covered with foam, favoring the good holding of the blowpipe. Placed opposite the mouthpiece, the viewfinder allows not only to align its shot but also to protect the blowgun when it is laid on the ground.