How to choose your equipment?

In addition to the blowgun, it is essential to have strokes and targets to be able to fire.


Available in different models, the features can take the form of fine, long and pointed darts. Resembling needles, they are ideal for firing on official FSSA paper targets ("France Sarbacane Sportive Amateurs") and strongly discouraged on target objects

Equipped with a large plastic head, the darts are more suited to target shots. Also called "Spear", pointed darts with a flattened end are much sharper and finer. Appreciated for hunting, they are also authorized on the official targets FFSA.

There are other darts: spike (short and similar to a nail), stun (non-pointed), soft-tip, helicopter (not pointed and equipped with rotating wings), German, paper, hunting and Loire.


The standard target used for blowguns is 18 centimeters in diameter and consists of three zones separated by a black line of 1 millimeter thick. Printed on an A4 sheet, the yellow area is worth 7 points, the red 5 points and the blue 3 points. The center of the target shall be placed 1.60 meters above the ground.