How to pull the blowgun properly?

In order to properly fire the blowgun, it is necessary to take into account various elements including posture, positioning on the firing range, loading and holding of the weapon, sighting technique and breathing.

Positioning and positioning on the firing range

Important to pull well, the body position should be comfortable and stable. According to his preferences, the shooter can advance a foot or keep his legs at the same level. His posture is considered good when he makes a natural movement and directly raises the blowpipe in the direction of the target. If it is bad, it must not above make a movement of the arms or the trunk. He simply has to change the positioning of his feet. To achieve a good result, you must first find a good natural position! Once unearthed, all that remains is to aim and shoot.

Loading and holding the weapon

Before charging the blowgun, it is essential to check that the drum is free. The dart should then be pushed into the safety mouthpiece with your thumb until a small click is made. From that moment, the blowgun is considered armed. If you tilt it vertically, the dart should not slip. To shoot, just take his breath and lay his mouth on the mouthpiece. Then simply aim the viewfinder at the target and blow dry.

The aiming technique

In order to aim well, one has to take into account the power of the breath, the size and the visual capacities of the shooter. When the user is about two meters from the target, he realizes that to touch his center, he already has to make a small shift of the barrel (vertical and lateral). After several attempts, he moves back one meter and begins firing again. In principle, the offset should increase. He repeats the operation until he reaches the official distance of ten meters. While retreating, the shooter learns to adjust his shift and his breath. Used by beginners, this technique helps to learn to aim well.

The breath technique

To progress as quickly as possible, it is essential to acquire a good regularity of blow of breath. Allowing to always get the same trajectory, it becomes a kind of reflex with time. Once mastered, the shooter has only to concentrate on the maintenance of the barrel and the sighting. In fact, it is necessary to blow a blow as if coughing. The breath comes from a rapid contraction of the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles. Determining to reach the center of the target, it is advisable to do some breathing exercises before starting to shoot. And yes, the breath is working! The shooter can inhale and exhale through each nostril and through the mouth. It can also carry out several series of "empty" flights.