How to practice the blowpipe?

The sporting blowgun test is defined as a target shot of A4 format and consists of three zones: 3, 5 or 7 points. The men are 10 meters away. Women, boys and girls under 14 years old are positioned at 8 meters.

Participants make 3 volleys of 10 arrows or 6 volleys of 5 arrows. They can achieve a maximum total of 210 points blowguns. They have 3 to 6 minutes per flight. The total duration of the flights is set at 20 minutes maximum. They pull upright without any external support. Handles, loaders, support handles, lasers are prohibited.

The course of the event

First, the targets are placed at 1.60 meters in height. It is recommended to create a single line of fire for all competitors and to arrange the targets at the correct distance according to age and sex (10 meters for men, 8 meters for women). Participants shooting at the same target must use darts of different colors and easily identifiable. In order to avoid incidents, the spectators are placed at least 2 meters behind the firing line.

At the announcement of "in place", the shooters present themselves on the firing range with their armored blowgun. Facing their target, they wait and put themselves in position: blowgun vertically with the end resting on the toe of the foot. They must have both feet placed behind the firing line. It is forbidden to pass it.

At the announcement of "pull", they shoot the first volley. If a dart falls without crossing the range, participants can retrieve it. Conversely, if it exceeds it, the point is evaluated at zero. At the end of the volley, they put their blowpipe and return 2 meters behind the line.

When announcing "results" or "darts", they advance to the target with the controller. They remove their features and count the points. The controller transcribes the points of each participant. If one dart slips into another, its dots match those of the first dart. When it touches the line of a circle and is complicated to judge, it is the highest point that is granted. Once all the darts are removed, the participants reach the rest area. At the end of the third or sixth flight, the blowpipes are cleaned.