The rifle is a firearm that can be used for several purposes: hunting (big game, wild boar, hunt, pest...), leisure shooting, sports shooting (shooting range, ball trap, target shooting, plinking...) or defence. It is available in different calibers, powers, types of weapons and types of ammunition. Depending on the model, the rifle can be sold over the counter for those over 18 years old (category D) or subject to stricter regulations requiring the sending of supporting documents (e.g. hunting licence, shooting licence...). Among the most famous brands are Winchester, Browning, Beretta and Baikal. The rifle can also take the form of a replica of an old model that finds its place in private collections or reconstruction shows. Depending on the needs, it can be completed with different accessories: firing scope to improve accuracy, trigger guard lock to prevent its use, red dot to aim in the dark, bipod to fire in a sitting or lying position... What should you know about this long weapon? Discover our different articles below.

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