Nitro Piston technology

You have certainly read the term Nitro Piston many times in the description of certain pellet rifles. This technology was developed by the American manufacturer Crosman. What are its advantages or how does it work? We tell you all about it below.

How does a classic rifle work ?

A pellet rifle is basically a piston that is compressed by a spring. When the shooter pulls the trigger of the gun: the piston releases and compresses the air in the barrel, the pellet begins its progress down the barrel, the air builds up pressure as the spring releases, the pellet is expelled towards the exit.

How does a Nitro Piston rifle work ?

The Nitro Piston pellet rifle works in the same way except that the spring has been replaced by a cylinder. When firing, the piston is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder filled with inert gas. The cylinder deploys more smoothly and evenly than the spring, which provides more advantages than the conventional operation.

What are the advantages of the Nitro Piston ?

Overall, the rifles are more accurate, more stable and less noisy.

• With the Nitro Piston system, the cylinder always delivers the same power to expel the lead even after hundreds of shots. Unlike the spring, which can tend to relax.

• When shooting, noise and vibration are reduced by about 70%.

• Please note : Although the cylinder deployment is more consistent, you will need a rifle with a quality barrel and good mechanical consistency to shoot accurately.

How to cock the Nitro Piston pellet rifle ?

It is fired in the same way as a conventional air rifle. Between each shot, the barrel must be lowered forward and a projectile inserted into the barrel chamber. Unlike a CO2 or PCP rifle, this makes it impossible to fire in bursts.

What are the other names of the Nitro Piston technology?

The technology was invented by Crosman. The manufacturer keeps the name as it is with some variations. Ex: NP2 for Nitro Piston 2nd generation. Other brands use a different name. Thus, Nitro Piston is called IGT at Gamo, N-TEC at Diano and Gas Ras at Stoeger.

What are the features of the Crosman F4 Nitro Piston rifle ?

This popular tactical style rifle dates from 2020. It has a power of 19.9 Joules and is therefore available for sale to adults. It is equipped with a Quiet Fire barrel to reduce the sound of the shot, a hollow stock for easy handling and a manual safety system. It is loaded with 4.5 mm diabolos. At the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop, we offer the Crosman F4 Nitro Piston rifle with a scope and mounting rings.

carabine Crosman F4 Nitro Piston