What are the differences between a leaded air and CO2 gun ?

Discover the differences between these two systems !

• The air pistol works by manually compressing the air during the folding of the barrel. Before being released, the compressed air is stored in a compression chamber. The energy produced by this type of gun depends on the compression system.

• Conversely, the power of the CO2 gun is limited by the compression of the gas contained inside the cylinder. The shooting power of the compressed air gun will therefore always be the same, whereas that of the CO2 model will decrease as the cylinder is filled: the fuller it is, the greater the shot will be.

• The barrel-breaking gun can reach a power of up to 8/10 joules, while the CO2-powered gun can only release a power of up to 4 joules.

The CO2 pistol can fire multiple shots without reloading

Single-shot, the air pistol or barrel-breakage pistol, needs to be reloaded each time to be able to shoot. Indeed, the barrel must be folded to manually compress the air contained in the chamber and thus release the projectile. Conversely, the CO2 pellet gun can fire 10 to 20 shots with a single magazine and about 30 shots with a cylinder.

The air pistol or barrel breaker is more accurate

Having a longer barrel, the barrel breaker pistol has a better guidance of the projectile. In addition, the distance of its sights improves the accuracy of its shots. It is generally accepted that the air-powered models are more suitable for precision and sporting shooting. Smaller, more aesthetic and easier to handle, CO2 pistols are suitable for leisure shooting at bottles or cans.

The CO2 gun is a replica of a real gun

More sold and more appreciated, the CO2 pistol is an almost perfect replica of a real weapon. With finishes more or less successful depending on the budget allocated, it gives the sensation of shooting with a traditional weapon.

pistolet a plomb remington 1911

Example with the Remington 1911 RAC blowback CO2 pellet gun : a replica of the Colt M1911 used by the US Army

Ammunition is different

The air gun only fires flat or pointed pellets. The CO2 gun, on the other hand, can fire steel balls or flat and pointed pellets. Some models are designed to expel both types of projectiles.


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