Blank firing gun 

The alarm gun is used as a home defense weapon. It fires non-lethal bullets that are used to scare off a thief or aggressive individual. The blank ammunition causes a strong detonation and produces smoke when it leaves the barrel. Enough to impress the aggressor who thinks he is facing a real gun! Gas ammunition has the same purpose as tear gas: to provoke burning sensations and to paralyze the aggressor when he is hit. The alarm pistol is a gas and blank gun.

For even more realism, it is also a replica of an already existing gun model. The alarm pistol is available in the following models : CZ 75, Pietta 1851, Umarex P88... Do not hesitate to contact us by phone if you need more information on the subject.

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What regulation ?

• In France, the alarm pistol is a category D weapon. You only need to be of age and show your identity card to buy it. However, it is only used for home defence: assault / intrusion / theft. It is forbidden to carry and transport it without legitimate reason.

What is the difference with a blank gun ?

• Nowadays, when we talk about alarm guns or blanks, we are talking about the same weapon. In fact, an alarm gun can fire two main types of ammunition: incapacitating gas bullets and the famous blank bullets (which generate noise and smoke). When you buy an alarm pistol, you are therefore necessarily buying a blank weapon.

How do I recharge it ?

• The alarm pistol has a calibre of 9 millimetres. It can be loaded with blanks (traditional or flash) / gas cartridges (pepper or CS) of 9 mm. The gas ammunition is available in boxes of 10 and the blank ammunition is available in boxes of 10 to 100. At the gun shop we also offer packs that mix the two types.