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Beretta is one of the most important Italian gun manufacturers. It is also one of the oldest companies in the world: it has been owned by a single family for about 500 years. Indeed, the first sale of the company took place in 1526 at the Arsenal of Venice. A gunsmith by the name of Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta made a deal for 185 harquebus barrels for 296 ducats.

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A worldwide success

Beretta firearms are used all over the world by military, police and civilian personnel. They have a reputation for being reliable, solid and extremely well designed. Among the best known is the Beretta 92 pistol, which has been improved year after year and is now an integral part of pop culture.

Replicas for recreational shooting

Many of these weapons are now replicated, under licence, including many pellet guns and alarm pistols. Used for recreational shooting, they are available for sale over the counter to adults (under 20 Joules). Discover the models available on the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop. 

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