Lead Pistol Guides

This guide will help you choose your lead gun. Follow our tips and learn everything you need to know about the practice and the universe of this category D weapon. Designing various handguns like the CO2 pistol, CO2 revolver or air pistol, is an over-the-counter category D weapon for adults. When it has a power of more than 20 Joules out of barrel, it is mandatory to present a hunting license or a license of shooting to be able to obtain it. To propel a projectile, the plunger uses the gas release. Generally, it uses carbon dioxide (CO2) or air. Depending on its gas and its mechanism, several variants are possible. In particular, there are spring, CO2 or pre-compressed air guns. Used for sporting or leisure shooting, these weapons are often replicas of already existing models (CO2 pistols).

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