Beretta 92 pistol

Considered a mythical model by firearms enthusiasts, the Beretta 92 is a semi-automatic pistol that was introduced in 1976. Designed by the Italian manufacturer Beretta, it was adopted by the American, Italian and French armies during the 1980s.

beretta 92

The descendant of the Berreta 951

The Beretta 92 is actually an improved version of the Beretta 951 (marketed under the name Brigadier). Used by the Israeli, Egyptian and some Italian military services, the 951 model is the first Beretta to be adopted by an army. Thanks to it, the Beretta firm has made a name for itself in the world of combat pistols.

After several years of loyal service, the Beretta 951 pistol became obsolete in the 1970s. Although robust and easy to use, its single-action trigger system has been outperformed by guns equipped with double/single-action triggers such as the Walther PP. At the same time, there is more demand for pistols equipped with a double column magazine, thus increasing the amount of ammunition.

Faced with this situation, Beretta engineers decided to modernize the 951.

The birth of the Beretta 92

These innovations have given rise to a new model, the Berreta 92 : a large-cased pistol that has retained the strengths of the 951 and has been equipped with new features. The Beretta 92 was equipped with a double column magazine and a single/double action trigger system that was to become very popular in the 1980s.

It was also equipped with a non-ambidextrous safety mounted on the frame, a wooden stock, a simple sighting system and a rounded trigger guard.

The evolution of the Beretta 92S

While the 92 model was equipped with a frame-mounted safety device, the 92S model has been redesigned so that the safety device is mounted on the slide (the latest models are always equipped with it).

The influence of the Italian national police

Although some units of the Italian National Police were equipped with Beretta 951s, the majority had been using Beretta 34 since World War II. Once produced, the Berretta 92 was of interest to the Italian National Police. It was powerful and had a good supply of ammunition thanks to its double column magazine.

However, the police were concerned about safety. That's why the manufacturer installed the hammer release lever on its version of the 92S. At the time, the head of the Italian police technical commission was Colonel Sposetti. 92S / Sposetti, is this just a coincidence?

Thanks to this change, the Italian National Police signed its first contract with Beretta in 1977.

Other versions of the Beretta 92

There are many variations of the Beretta 92. For example, the Beretta 92FS was used by the armed forces of the United States of America in the 1990s and the Beretta 92G by the French gendarmerie in the 2000s.

The Beretta 92 in popular culture

It is found in many movies, TV series and video games (Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Combat Arms, Medal of Honor...). It is for example the weapon of Martin Riggs / Mel Gibson in the Fatal Weapon ; of John Mc Lane / Bruce Willis in Crystal Trap or Tony Soprano / James Gandolfini in the Sopranos....

The replicas available on the armory

At Jean-Pierre Fusil, we offer you several replicas of the Beretta 92 under the brand Umarex. These are CO2 plumb guns CO2 available over the counter for those over 18 years of age. They all have a power of 3.5 joules and a calibre of 4.5 millimeters. Only their finish changes. Here they are ! 

Beretta 92 black

Black version
"Very beautiful weapon of very good quality I am very satisfied."

Beretta 92 black

beretta 92 nickel-plated

Nickel-plated version
"No comment. Just perfect !"

Beretta 92 nickel-plated

Beretta 92 wood

Wood version
"The quality of the product and the materials are perfect."

Beretta 92 wood