The MP5 machine pistol

Produced by the German firm Heckler & Koch since the mid-1960s, the MP5 machine pistol, originally designated the HK 54, was quickly adopted by many police forces around the world. It is a weapon that has seen many versions over the years and remains highly prized by security forces.

A weapon in constant evolution

If the HK MP5 has become so popular, it is undoubtedly due to the great adaptability that its designers have shown over the years to constantly improve it without betraying the original spirit.

The basic feature of the MP5 pistol was that it was a compact, even miniature version of the HK G3 assault rifle, also developed by Heckler & Koch. To this compact morphology, the firm added the delay mechanism technology developed during the Second World War, notably for the St-G45 assault rifle. The firm thus gave birth to a weapon of formidable efficiency, both handy and compact, capable of firing 800 rounds per minute, ideal for assault.

From the beginning of its production, three versions were created, called respectively MP5A1, MP5A2, MP5A3. The latter, with its telescopic stock, was by far the most widely used. Very quickly, improvements were made to the MP5 to optimise the aiming and reliability of the magazines with the use of a curved shape to limit the risk of jamming. A new version of the MP5 was also created with a mechanism to fire three rounds in a burst.

The FBI behind the change in chambering

Renowned for its quality, high reliability and close-range accuracy, the MP5 has been a runaway success and has been adopted by police forces around the world. This success has led to the weapon being produced in various countries under licence.

In France, the MP5, which equips the elite units of the gendarmerie, is produced under the name MAS MP5F. Another very famous "customer" of the German firm, the FBI, was also behind a major evolution in the chambering of the MP5. Originally, this semi-automatic was chambered in 9 mm Parabellum, a calibre that the FBI did not consider powerful enough. At the FBI's request, Heckler & Koch therefore launched a version of its MP5 chambered in 10mm Auto (a version called MP5/10) and then in .40 S&W (MP5/40). The MP5/10 was released in 1992 and had the particularity of having a translucent magazine, which allowed its user to visually know how many rounds he had in his magazine. But this development was quickly abandoned.

Proof also of the great flexibility of the firm to constantly evolve the MP5, the production of the MP5/10 was abandoned in favour of the MP5/40. In both cases, the calibre was the same but the lower power of the MP5/40 allowed a better adaptation to all types of shooters. And since 1999, a new weapon, called the UMP, has replaced the two previous models.

Very popular replicas

Like all mythical weapons, the MP5 is highly prized by gun enthusiasts in search of thrills. In particular, there are replicas of the MP5 dedicated to the practice of airsoft that are very sophisticated. These replicas have the same handling, ease of use and shooting accuracy as the MP5. These replicas are also very faithful to the spirit of the original with metal parts, including the body, the outer barrel or the sights, and other parts in nylon fiber, the stock, the front handguard and the handle. The replicas also have a flame arrestor at the end of the barrel, again like the real gun. It is therefore possible to indulge in a leisure activity, reserved for adults, with all the sensations provided by a very high quality weapon.

The MP5 has no secrets for video game fans either, and more specifically for Call Of Duty addicts. The MP5 Warzone, so called because it appears in the video game Call of Duty: Warzone, is essential to have a chance to shine in this game. For gamers, the goal is to get the best possible configuration. To do this, you have to look for the best options for power, precision, consistency or mobility. A quest that is not always easy but very realistic. A search for perfection, for the constant improvements to be made to one's weapon, which may remind one of the one Heckler & Koch has always implemented over the years.

Replicas available in the armoury

At Jean Pierre Fusil, we offer several replicas of the MP5: a CO2 pellet gun and a soft air gun. These weapons are available for sale over the counter to people of legal age.

co2 pellet gun heckler an koch mp5

Semi-automatic CO2 pellet gun
4.5 mm BBs / CO2 cylinders
Capacity per cylinder: approx. 50 shots

CO2 gun MP5 K-PDW

MP5 soft air gun

Automatic / semi-automatic soft air gun
6 mm balls
Satin desert camo finish

MP5 soft air gun